I love EndeavourOS


I’m almost completely new to Linux. I tried Ubuntu some years ago but couldn’t get drivers to work and gave up frustrated.
Hyped by youtubers I tried to switch again before Easter and almost gave up frustrated. PopOS, Mint, Fedora, Nobara, Manjaro,… I just had so many problems.
Getting Nvidia to work properly, WIFI connection problems, printer… I don’t want to start with that. First I couldn’t figure out how to install my Broadcom drivers correctly. Fedora and Nobara had random reconnects and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong…
My Endeavour experience:
I booted into the USB ISO, WIFI worked. Out of the box. I was speechless. NVIDIA drivers came with the installation, I just had to run the installer in Terminal. KDE doesn’t feel crowded with stuff I don’t need. No password safe nagging screen to connect to the WIFI.
It just works. I’m just happy. And as far as I have seen, the community is very nice.
So, thank you.
Thanks to Endeavour I switched from Windows 10 gaming to Linux. I don’t use my Windows installation a lot the last days and just for games that won’t run.


Hi @johnK

Glad to hear that you have had a positive experience with EnOS!
Wish you all the best on your Linux journey and welcome to the community!

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Yeah, EndeavourOS is pretty good. Most people here will agree :rofl:


endeavouros king of all distroz


Hello @johnK


:enos: welcome to the purple linux :enos_flag:


You are not alone :slight_smile: welcome !


Welcome to :enos: !


Welcome :enos_flag: disrto hop :eye_in_speech_bubble:

Welcome!! :rocketa_purple: :rocketa_purple:

Welcome aboard, have fun in this great community and enjoy the freedom that EndeavorOS provides!

Years ago, ten years ago to be precise, I switched to Linux Mint after trying several distributions. (Debian, openSUSE (Suse), Fedora (Red Hat)). I only tested Ubuntu on a virtual machine. I chose Linux Mint because it also allowed the use of closed driver programs, which was not the case with Debian, which I used actively for the longest time before that.
Then around 2015 I found Manjaro, which is a beginner-friendly distribution based on Arch. First I tested it, then I started actively using it. For a long time, I would have liked to use Arch, or a distribution based purely on Arch. That’s how I found Antergos. In 2019, it was succeeded by EndeavorOS, which meets the needs of beginners, average users, and advanced users alike. I found my calculation here, perhaps the best Linux community in the world is here. I hope you’ll enjoy using EndeavorOS, the closest thing to Arch, so go on an adventure!


EndeavourOS just work. It’s true.

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I am just stopping distro hopping , and Eos is my home.
I can not even stay with other distro for more than 30 min ,lol . I dont know, but this distro is so good. No issues, no performance issues. Just perfect :slight_smile:


I also stopped jumping from distro to distro a long time ago. I have found my home here at EndeavorOS and this great community. Sometimes I’m tempted by other distributions, but I don’t actually try them anymore because I don’t have that much time for testing anymore. As many people besides me have written, EOS “just” works.


Yeah :slight_smile:

Only thing in which I didnt settled is hopping between xfce, kde and wm sometimes :slight_smile:

I’m the same way about desktop environments. Recently, I’ve been using KDE, but XFCE (and even Cinnamon), which I’ve used for a long time, is also “in reserve”.


Today I will finally decide should I stay with KDE or i3/bspwm :slight_smile: lol

Hello, welcome (>_<)

I think you made a good choice. :slight_smile: There is now an application in the KDE menu that, if I search for it and start it, the entire desktop environment freezes. Interestingly, if I search for it in the menu and start it, it starts smoothly without any errors. Sometimes, very rarely, when I start a browser, the KDE desktop freezes in the same way, but this happens even less often than what I wrote above. In such cases, I have to turn off the machine and then turn it on again. It’s not that annoying because I can avoid it, I just mentioned it in parentheses. I use KDE on Xorg. Has something similar happened to you?

welcome to the purple space :enos: