I learned very concerning things about Amazon, I think it should be spread to people

a dangerous mesh network to cover waste regions also in near future possibly everything,
by means of devices tracking persons devices.


also an article here among others , that states the analogy to skynet as quoted from the well-known film, but also the book 1984, as projected out to the future development of that network:

also added a random tech article about …

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:clown_face: :earth_africa:

What else can i say…


OK maybe because you did not think it through, it is easy to make fun ,
I can tell you the internet of things will build a network where everything is accurately
So good look with you, building your own surveillance network. Amazon has now a handle for
this network, where every device fits in and can send and recieve commands, and also
change …

Internet of things is bad, that’s hardly anything newsworthy…

Don’t buy a toaster that needs a wi-fi connection to work. If you do, you deserve what’s coming to you.


I’m not making fun of the subject at all.

That was my point - people are NUTS.
To me it started from around accepting social networks with so-called ‘security’ model by linking to your phone.

And now it’s just full on :clown_face: :earth_africa: there’s nothing that could possibly surprise me, people are ready to accept much more scary things than that right now, with smile on their faces.


now I agree, sorry I missinterpreted your signs :slight_smile:


yes, … but now this is a step further …so this is the blanketing connection to all of it, people should be warned !

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Paint me a cynic, but you don’t have to dig that far to see that “people” by and large tend to ignore warning signals even though the future of their very existence is at stake.


I find it really difficult to give a damn. You can talk to most people about that and they’ll just call you a tinfoil hat wearing nutcase. Some might even call you a racist and a homophobe (why? no idea, except that those are nowadays effective buzzwords, and it is beneficial to paint any opposition with that brush).

And people who care about privacy already are aware of it and do not need a warning…


Tinfoil hat wearing nutcase. :rofl:

Are you talking to me?

nah, to a nutcase :stuck_out_tongue:

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Regardless, i still agree with @ycom1 even if it’s Sisyphean task.

Warning might save 1000 or 1 from doing something really stupid - which still worth it.


I agree, trying might reach some people, could be worth it since eventually, social awareness can develop among people, that is why I put it in here ( in the forum )…



I know but I kind of do not want to give up. There are so many things people already should have left
out of their life, like : - ) here is THE LIST:

       like eating animals, 
       like hanging in Facebook, WhatsApp
       buying google androids and iPhones, Alexa Devices
       working with Microsoft or Apple,
       still believe in some gods,

  we could get all get civilized then    : - )

… anything to add to that list ? : - )

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wonderful thing choice ! :wink: :vulcan_salute:

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