I just love EndeavourOS

I’ve been trying to switch to linux full time for almost ten years. Ubuntu has never been worth it. Arch was too hard. EndeavourOS came in and made everything easy.

Now I easily switch between GNOME and KDE Plasma at login. I can even boot into i3 and lose my mind.

Thanks for everything. It’s really nice.

I finally ditched windows when it wasn’t playing nice with the hard drive. I haven’t even missed it. Every day is a joy with Arch Linux and EndevourOS!


Has anyone tried ImmersedVR with EndeavourOS?

It’s so smooth. So nice.

Me too! Welcome to the forum!

I’ve used 'Buntu for several years (5,6, maybe 7, I don’t even remember how long)… It was miles ahead of windoze, so I really liked it, but looking back now, that was a total waste of time! I didn’t even know how to write a simple Bash script, and I was a reasonably competent C++ programmer (doing it professionally, as a software developer). It was only after I switched to Manjaro that I even started to realise how great and truly awesome Linux actually is, when you start using the terminal for everyday tasks. And now, Manjaro seems like a waste of time, compared to EndeavourOS and vanilla Arch. :rofl:

The more you use EndeavourOS, you’ll realise that this is an illusion. Arch is pretty much the same thing as EndeavourOS. What is awkward about Arch is that it is difficult to set everything up when you don’t know how the system works, and EndeavourOS just gives you a reasonably well configured, working system. But once you do learn about it, it’s quite easy, actually to set things up yourself – and simply using EndeavourOS with a curious and inquisitive mindset, gives you that knowledge.



Welcome aboard! :enos: :rocket:



I’m always here…waiting for you.


Welcome on :enos:-Forum!

learning is really very easy and the community has an immense knowledge. just read @Kresimir’s and all others posts!


Gentoo first! That’s my next step, I just need to grow my epic Unix beard, it’s still a stubble… :rofl:

LFS is a great learning experience, I’m sure. And one of these decades, I’m going to build it on a real hardware computer. But as a normal, everyday operating system, I imagine it is just too difficult to maintain, since it is not a distro at all. Especially, if you want it to be bleeding edge, like Arch, you just have to compile stuff all day every day to stay up to date.

But Gentoo seems like a reasonable compromise, at least it has software repos. :rofl:


Welcome to the community :beers:

Hello and welcome @tmsteph :wave: Enjoy the purple ride :enos_flag:

Welcome to the fun purple side of Linux :enos:

Welcome @tmsteph

I agree Ubuntu isn’t worth my time.

Welcome. And congrats on getting away from the Microsoft of Linux. Ubuntu is just not what it was years ago.