I hope I am Still Welcome!

Hi guys!
It has been a few months I was away (the old bad habit of distrohopping), but I am back home. I hope I am welcome!

Just wondering and hope you refresh my memory (sorry old man here, and not that techie).

I just downloaded EndeavourOS_Galileo-Neo-2024.01.25.iso and I will dd it and install.

I am interested in installing it with KDE, systemd, systemd-boot, BTRFS, Snapper, BTRFS Assistant. (I guess you figure out what I am after).

I know and remember the only way to boot from earler snpashots was from Grub, but I do not want to go that Grub way because of Grub breaking occasionaly enad ending up with unbootable system.

I hop[e you remind me of ways to do that booting from earlier snapshots (given the above config). I hope it can be done automatically without me needing to edit files or config files to get to boot from earlier snapshots.

I tried and searched rapidly and found this Snapper systemd-boot integration - #14 by brucehankins , but it does not seem to be doing what I want.

Just remind me or guide me how to do it. And Please note I am not that techie, but I am familiar with Bash and doing stuff command line thanks to you and to our amazing EndeavourOS.

I will appreciate your help as usual.

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The latest ISO is Gemini released now. So maybe you want to download it instead.


Thanks @ricklinux
I will download and install.

Always :enos:


Here are some news:

Gemini can be downloaded over here

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Thank you @swh
I am really glad I am back home.
In latest years like since 2021 I have distro hopped like crazy for about a year, most distros lasted on my machine from a few hours up to a week or two, maybe a month maximum. But EndeavourOS was the one that became my default and lasted for a for over a year maybe almost two years till I started distro hopping again a few months ago.

But to be honest, here was the most friendly, most supportive and fastest response I could ever get.

This time (hopefully) I won’t distrohop again, I will do it on a virtual machine.


Incredibly amazing forum and community that makes my life easier even before I even think of how to make it easier​:pray:


That’s exactly how I do it.

I would never have imagined that I would be using a terminal-based operating system. I’m happy to be here and to be able to solve problems with the help of the community.

Just to be sure, is Grub still problematic and breaks as before?
Can I get systemd-boot to automagically get entries to boot from earlier snapshots as Grub does? Please review my first post about what I want my system to be.

Maybe there is a thread here about this, or we need a new thread for this specific purpose?


Neither me, but after living here for a couple years I like got addicted to doing things through terminal, even when I distrohopped and was on MX Linux and Debian! I ised to install and configure things through command line!

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I think that shouldn’t be a problem

I am unable to answer such a specific question. Other users will have to help

Use the forum search, you will find what you are looking for

It is certainly more useful to create a separate topic for each question.

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Only if you stop asking asking if systemd-boot can boot btrfs snapshots… :face_with_monocle:

The answer is still no btw. It continues to be for all same reasons I listed the last 10+ times you have asked.


Thank you @dalto “my saviour” as usual.
I know it doesn’t or at least it didn’t till when I was here last time.

I was just asking, as I know Linux is wonderful and maybe someone came up with a solution/trick/script/work around… whatever to do it. It is software after all.

Thank you @dalto

Thanks @swh
I am not sure if I understand it correctly.
You say “shouldn’t be a problem”.
Do you mean that Grub stopped breaking as it did before?
I remember EndeavourOS decided to switch to systemd-boot because Grub used to break occasionally with updates and users end up with unbootable system.

Did it stop breaking?

If my final decision will be to stick with systemd, what is the easiest way to roll back to a previous snapshot?

If I decided on systemd would I still need to be/have the same configuration and software I mentioned in my first post? Would TimeShift be better in case of systemd-boot?

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  • Restore the snapshot.
  • arch-chroot into the snapshot from the running system.
  • Run reinstall-kernels.
  • Exit the chroot
  • Reboot

No, it has all the same challenges.

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Thanks @dalto
That would be fine.
So, I understand I should:

  • do the installation with BTRFS, systemd-boot, snapper, BTRFS Assitant
  • this setup will be benefiting from BTRFS, taking snapshots before update or install anything.
  • No matter what happens I will be able to boot because it is systemd-boot (unless something breaks systemd-boot itself)
  • Once I booted my system I can do as @dalto explained to roll back to a previous snapshot.

Did I get it right?
Am I missing something?
I just want to be sure I will be on the safe side and doing things the right way before I start installation!


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Thanks @dalto
I will install it.
See you in minutes from my EndeavourOS system!

Just for my reference I think this Changed Grub to systemd-boot, then no snapshots!

I’m using grub with Kde Plasma on btrfs with btrfs-assistant, snapper-support, and btrfsmaintenance. It works great!

quote=“ricklinux, post:19, topic:54284”]
It works great!
Thanks @ricklinux
For how long and how many updates it didn’t break? But
I might convert to Grub if it stopped breaking.

Any other user using Grub without breaking? For how long?
I will appreciate feedbacks.