I heard EndeavourOS is a great distro for musicians. Is this true?

I’d rather not use Manjaro, as I’ve read some negative things about it. I’m pretty tech savvy but I’ve never actually used GNU/Linux before beyond very surface level tinkering in VirtualBox. Just wanted to know if this distro indeed has this reputation for this sort of creative work or not, and if not if you had any other recs for distros more suited to my audio production/music composition needs.

I don’t think it is more appropriate or otherwise better for musicians than it is for anyone else, but one great thing about Endeavour is the package availability will be equivalent to Arch Linux. That means excellent package availability (with the AUR), and very up-to-date software. Whether or not those features are beneficial to your musicianship depends on how you use your computer.


I am a musician (an amateur, but I do have formal high school music education) and I use EndeavourOS. It’s good enough for me. :man_shrugging:

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As long as you’re an intermediate termain centric musician, I’d imagine Endeavour would be a fantastic choice.

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You can install EndeavourOS and then add all the packages you want for music production such as those used on any other distro’s Studio Edition. There are many packages that can be used.