I have problem with recognize my graphic card

I tried magello Linux kde neno pop os endeavour os and more it’s not recognize my Graphics Card only zorin os recognize my graphic card how to fix it i have GTX 560 and I try to install driving but it’s not recognize my graphic card so it’s not work please help me to fix it

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Please help


and post the output of

inxi -Fxaz

Someone who might be able to help you will come by soon.

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Choose free drivers.


provide some better info.
As @pebcak mentioned already we need info about your hardware.


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Wtf what i need to do?

Can you provide us with more information about your system and what is the problem exactly?
We can’t help you with the above information.
If possible include system-logs as per this article:

I can’t do it because it’s not open the system

My spec of the system is gtx 560 and Intel xeon i think 5657

And I just restart my computer

When did the problem start? Did you do any system update before this problem occurred?
Can you boot using another kernel if possible?

The problem starts 15 minutes ago
I update my drivers
Can you boot using another kernel: I don’t know how to do it

Perhaps this is related to your other thread?

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I don’t know

Better take the OP through a live USB bootup to get info. Looks like a nvidia card issue to me (and I have never had one)…

I don’t have one

I thought a GTX560 was a GeForce nvidia card? No expertise on that, though…

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It is. It is also very old. Probably needs like 390 dkms drivers if it works. But like I said in the other post they should just reinstall and use nouveau.