I hate windows

Warning this is simply a rant. I hate MS Windows! I do tech support for several of my older family members (Thank you tailscale and nomachine) Don’t get me wrong, for everyday use the OS ok for what they do, email, browsing, and a few apps like quicken, but occasionally something goes wrong and they need help fixing it. Most things are simple to fix, all except windows update issues! I totally get the occasionally an update can go wrong (Arch I’m looking at you) but with Windows more often than not something does go wrong with these monolithic updates. And when it does you get a stupid so unhelpful error code. And the google solutions are always the same, clean temp files, restart the windows update service, run sfc and or DISM. Can someone please tell me why a company as big as MS can’t get updating their OS right! Right now I’m struggling to get an update installed on my FIL Lenovo laptop and have to run the DISM, hopefully it will help, but I have my serious doubts. Just frustrated thanks for listening.
On a related note, several Linux distros are now also moving to atomic monolithic updates (mostly immutable systems as far as I can tell) and I worry that we’ll start to see similar types of issues with end users not being able to update there systems. Don’t get me wrong I get the idea behind atomic monolithis updates, but I would rather download and update lots of smaller packages that can be trouble shoot independently than one huge all or nothing package!
thanks for listening


What is this “windoze” of which you speak? :thinking: :rofl:



I don’t like it either. Have no use for immutable systems for a home user. Windows you can use the DISM tools. I’m also familiar with that and is the reason i do not like Microsoft also. They just take all these updates throw them in a bowl mix them up and hope they install. I call it alphabet soup! :rofl:

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Well actually I agree, but I was trying to be a funny old man :grin:

In the defense of Windows. . . They do and are almost obligated to work on quite literally every single piece of hardware on the planet. So to get 100% of that correct on every update is a tall ask.

And that’s pretty much the only defense of Windows I can possibly come up with for anything.

So, just because it’s immutable doesn’tmean this is true either. Fedora Silverblue has a fair amount of updates compared to a non-immutable distro such as Debian who does like 3-6 updates per year and a major huge update ever 2 years. By your definition Debian would be more of an atomic update even more so that Silverblue. . .

I don’t know if there’s a right way necessarily. I do like more incremental updates (Think Arch) than just big jumps all the time (Debian) which I think is why I have liked Fedora so much as it feels like a middle ground between them. Small regular jumps every few months, with updates on a very consistent basis.

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In Microsoft’s defense, Windows updates are very complicated processes involving many files and registry entries that need updating and require a lot of processing and error checking. That stupid registry probably requires the most care and attention to detail with testing code, verification code, and error checking code. I only have experience with Windows 10 and below, but as far ask I can tell, Windows updates are not monolithic. Hundreds of little changes to the registry and file replacement and patching goes on that Windows needs to keep track of so undoing those changes are possible. True, the design of Windows is a convoluted mess, and the update process is equally convoluted. It’s almost a miracle that it works at all.

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It’s a niche gaming platform nobody relevant cares about. :rofl:

I get some of my best sleep watching windows update. :zzz:

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On a more serious note, like with console games, Windoof “exclusive” compatibility with games and some other applications are probably the only reason to use it.

it may be complicated but they have had years to get it right, yet it’s still a mess. I had to update my FIL’s laptop and it literally took about a dozen reboots and an entire day dedicated to the process! It would probably have been faster to start from scratch.

Windoze is like the government. “Hi, we are windoze and we are here to help you.” NOT!

I still can’ for the life of me figure out that if they asked people to update - when they turn their computer OFF at the end of the day – so many people would be more up to date. People would think “sure, I don’t care, I’m leaving anyways.”


of course then there is the risk of coming in the morning to discovering a brick :laughing:

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Na, not with Windows.

I just read something about how Windows 10 is quite a bit older than even Debian stable currently.

And if it is broken, if you’re already using that stuff, Microsoft help support is no doubt good at helping. They can SSH in and fix it for you even if need be.

I mean, I’'d never let them, but if you’re the type to use it anyways, it is no question helpful. . .

I heard “windblowz”

I heard windoof!

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