I could use some help, fixing these weird titlebar icons

Greetings fellow humans, human fellas.

Recently trying out KDE, I’ve been plagued with the graphical glitch. Using the Ant-Dracula default theme, some applications seem to have broken title bars.

Title bar Minimize, Maximize, and close icons are… Boxy.

This seems to only happen to GTK apps. If I re-apply the GTK theme, though Libre office seems fine running via GTK2(to use with IBUS), everything goes back to normal.

I’ve never had such a glitch happen before, and honestly don’t know where to start to look for fixes.

Any help would be appreciated.



Only questions is it this theme or any themes?

I think you should report bug to KDE about GTK3 if it’s all of them, if it’s just ant-dracula - well you know what to do :slight_smile:

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Of course of course. I’m testing them right now…but it’s hard to find themes that have both GTK and QT support.

Try default KDE one and something like Aritim-Dark

My go to theme to test issues like this is vimix. It is very consistent between QT, GTK2, and GTK3.


Obligatory Arch wiki link:

I’ve tested this with a few themes and it looks like a KDE bug.

Thanks to all who tried to help.

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Uuuugh KDE need to step up… :woozy_face:
thx for reporting it!

Just out of curiosity was it only applications that have root access?

Looking at browser on screenshot - all of them :wink:

Seems like all GTK apps(Is Firefox GTK?) or at least non QT apps.

Firefox uses it’s own themes. Chromium/chrome can use the systems GTK theme. Also they both can use or not use system title bars. So these would be exceptions to other apps I suppose.

So… all non QT apps then…

someone else can verify that? We should have a lot Plasma users here :wink:

no issue on using breeze setup for both plasma and gtk …

It seems to only happen with themes that use circular buttons.