I am dual booting with windows and i have some doubts

  • I disabled secure boot while installing os. is it ok to turn back on or should i just keep the secure boot of?
  • My laptop has rtx3060 and latest intel cards so i added ibt=off on initial usb boot to run the installer and worked fine. Now when i boot into the os without ibt=off option it takes long time to boot the system but when i include ibt=off it takes seconds to boot. So what should i use and what are the drawbacks. Is there any way to edit the file to make permanent?
  • If i want to uninstall endeavour OS in future changing boot option in bios and deleting the partion will be alright or should i do something else?
  • What happens at major windows updates will it delete every thing? how to safely update windows?

I am using grub loader. my partition is 1tb ssd to half contains windows and other half contains linux. with /boot/efi 512 mb linuxswap 4gb and / root.

I would just leave secure boot off. Unless you need it for a specific reason. I know certains games ,cough Valorant cough will get fussy if you turn it off

You would use whatever tool you’re comfortable with to reformat the partition as free space, remove the boot entry, and then EOS would be gone.

This has been my experience, YMMV. Windows updates install just fine, like any normal system. No safety concerns outside of normal update concerns. Not sure how familiar you are with windows updates breaking, but it happens a lot, on a dedicated machine or a dual boot. The most likely problem you’ll face is windows likes to alter boot priority frequently, so if you have EOS set as the primary boot, Windows may override that and boot straight in. You’ll have to go back into BIOS to change the boot orders back around.

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  • as long as you want to be able to boot EnderavourOS secure boot needs to be off.
  • the option is not added to the Bios/Firmware it is a kernel boot option added while booting the Linux Kernel.
    To have it permanently added you need to add it to grub configuration:
    Nvidia driver problems - #11 by joekamprad

You will need to remove the nvram boot entry and set it to use the Windows ESP again.
Depending on how you setup.
Updating Windows should not harm… but there are cases where it happens that windows were changing/deleting stuff so nothing someone would give a guarantee on here.
The only suggestion: BAckups BackUps BackupS …

Neither grub nor EndeavourOS can boot if secureboot is enabled so you need to leave it off.

IBT( Indirect Branch Tracking, part of CET) is a new feature in Intel 12th gen and later CPUs. The nvidia Linux drivers are not fully compatible with it right now. If you are using the proprietary nvidia drivers, you probably need to set it to off until nvidia supports it.

Should be fine.

Windows won’t delete everything but it will probably change the bootloader order which you will need to reset after the update. In rare circumstances, it may overwrite the EFI partition. This is still recoverable though.

I am facing some issues from a app stremio. I tried to install the app using AUR and Flatpak but the app is struck at loading state. In their subreddit they are saying the problem is OS since flatpak should run on any linux os. They also saying the graphic drivers are problem.

If i uninstall nivida’s drivers and use opensource drivers can i boot into the system without ibt=off option?

if so can you please tell me how to do that?

is it possible to reinstall propitery nividia graphics and how to do that?




set secureboot=off on :wink:


yes if your card is supported by nouveau. i am not sure on 3060 will run fine on nouveau drivers…
rtx3060 is NV170:

the thing you could try is to use the nvidia-open-dkms this should have a patch applied what makes it working with ibt … only possible because it is open official nvidia drivers utils came as binaries… and arch development can not do anything …