I am definitely a fan of Firefox' new UI

It just looks much more modern.
A tad irritating (not Firefox’s fault) that in Linux you can’t use the same profile for both Stable and Beta, while on Windows you don’t get the choice the other way; if you install Beta it replaces Stable outright.


(WARNING: Sarcastic rant)
However, this highlights again the issue with certain parts of the userbase, be it Linux or browsers.
The “I HATE IT” crowd. Right now Firefox’ official subreddit is, and has been for a month, 95% posts about how horribad the new design is.
I mean it’s a nice break from 95% of the posts being about how ugly the new logo is, I guess…?

But it’s not new. EVERY UI change made since Firefox became Firefox and Sea Monkey was forked to preserve the old UI (back in what, the year 1675 or something :wink: ) has caused Rages Over 9000!. I am old enough to remember when the big orange button appeared on the left side of the title bar; judging from the feedback online Mozilla lost 80% of it’s users that very day.

Same with Gnome; the gnome reddit is now actually NOT 90% “Another feature gone” posts but instead “The new UI stinks!”.

Don’t get me started on the change from W2K to WXP. And you don’t want to know how some users felt about going from W 3.11 to W95! The HORROR! The Bottom Panel HORRRRORRRR!

Yes, there are some legitimate concerns at times but the amount of people both believing, falsely, that they are The Majority ™ AND that they are Ignored ™ is just hilarious at times. I mean this is even a bigger outrage than the “The adress bar is in a different color!” outrage.


if it has compact mode and manages to squeeze as much as the current design in that top bar, I’m game.

This is how my current setup looks. Everything is ultra compact and crammed, i even got rid of the bookmarks toolbar and squeezed the bookmarks on the same row as the address bar. I manage to get by with 62pixels in height for the whole top UI.


And you don’t want to know how some users felt about going from W 3.11 to W95! The HORROR! The Bottom Panel HORRRRORRRR!

From my point of view at the time, W 95 was orders of magnitude more usable than W 3.11. But then again, I wasn’t so accustomed to W 3.11 when W 95 got out.

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I’m definitely a fan of Firefox period! Without :fox_face: the internet is nothing! :rofl:


You have to remember that there were protests when MS introduced subfolders in DOS 2.0, there were users that argued that nobody would ever have two files with the same name and having to look in different folders were way too complicated.

Not a big issue for me; I have 1080p screen and quite frankly “Screen real-estate” has never been a big issue for me since I got my first monitor of 1280 x 1024 pixels. Before that occasionally you could download a picture of a naked woman that was bigger than the screen…

(What, I have been a teen too, you know!).


It looks good. I don’t hate it. It’s just a usability catastrophe ignoring basic UI/UX rules. I mean basic, as in “if I can’t see it I can’t use it”-basic. That’s all. I’m sure we get used to it.

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Not see what? is my question to that comment?

I’m still sour about the new design and was triggered. You know what, there was enough opportunity to complain about it over the last days. This should be the thread for people who like the redesign. Have fun. :gift_heart:


It doesn’t by default. But if I remember correctly, I read somewhere that if you had “compact mode” enabled prior to the upgrade to the new UI, it should stay as before.

Otherwise you should be able to get it back in the about:config.

Set the following from false to true:


Then you go into “customize toolbar” and choose it from there.

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Are we talking about this? It is how i have always done this.

Screenshot from 2021-04-30 10-25-03


Sure, but the option will be removed in the new UI remake.
I have done the same as you, and if my memory serves, with that enabled, we will still have the option there as before even after the upgrade. But for the new installs one can still enable it in the about:config.

Edit: adding a screenshot from Firefox Beta (89).

The Compact mode is not there OTB.



I just now discovered the option to remove the top bar from Firefox. Well, that looks way better now.


In their defense there is still a special sort of people who have all their files on the desktop. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But hey, every man to his taste.
It’s a reason why I installed to my parents PC XFCE and not Gnome. :laughing:


Thanks, I hate it!

It’s just too THICC!

I don’t hate this chonky boi, though, he is a good dog, but his human should put him on a diet, really.


I’ve gone to the purple side!


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To be fair it is about (in thickness) on par with Office / W10 and Gnome window top bars. Meaning it might look out of place in say Xfce, KDE and Openbox but should fit right in with Gnome and W10.


Well, my point exactly, I don’t want my Firefox to be as ugly as GNOME and W10.


Gnome is ugly and Win10 even uglier! :rofl:


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…



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