I have noticed for the last several months that the repo at$repo/$arch:

Fails connection and hangs the eos-rankmirrors check for 30 seconds.

Removing the repo from mirrorlist on an individual computer does not solve the next mirrorlist ranking.

This issue was posted here as well:

Thanks for reporting, we have notified the Remi Essaisi mirror admin.

There was an issue with the storage devices on the server earlier, which is completely addressed by now making all services available again.

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I’m still getting some errors on updating endeavour mirrors.

==> Warning about$repo/$arch:
    Connection failed after 30 seconds.
==> Warning about$repo/$arch:
    Update level is 2109/2112, some [endeavouros] packages may be outdated if this mirror is in use.

These warnings are normal. Occasionally a mirror can be temporarily disabled for reasons only the mirror provider knows about. Typically, if a mirror fails when ranking, or when updating packages, the other mirrors on the list are still working, and the next of them will be used instead.

When eos-rankmirror ranks mirrors, it will

  • skip mirrors (with a warning) that have a connection (or other insurmountable) problem
  • warn about mirrors that may have outdated packages, and puts such mirrors as the last in the list

So the user will be informed of any problem with a mirror. Then user can assess what to do with the problem, if anything. Usually nothing needs to be done.
eos-rankmirrors tries to create a list of well working mirrors for user’s location.

Only if ranking does not find any working mirror, that issue may require manual intervention (e.g. first make sure your internet connection is working :wink:).

Note: eos-rankmirrors has effect only for the [endeavouros] repo in /etc/pacman.conf. Other repos can be ranked with e.g. reflector or rate-mirrors.