HP Victus 16, no signal on HDMI in hybrid GPU mode

My laptops is a hybrid one - ryzen 5600h + rtx 3050ti.

Both xrandr and KDE monitor settings are detecting the external displays connected via hdmi(tried on lg smart tv and gaomon graphical tablet.)
But both displays are telling me that there’s no signal, I’ve tried to delete kscreen config, turn of kscreen2 service, change resolution and refreshrste, etc. Nothing.

There’s a signal only when I’m turning on nvidia mode in the optimus-manager or envycontrol.
I found some info that other people somehow managed to have hdmi output with a nvidia+hdmi combo. Also it’s seems that the Manjaro and PopOS have a their special hybrid drivers to handle this, but I didn’t tried it and do not really want to, cause I like my vanilla arch, which EndeavourOS basically is. And I hate gnome which is a main supported DE on PopOS(why the hell does it need extensions even for drag and drop files from one window to another on the dock?!).

Last thing that I want to try, is to test usb-c to hdmi, if I’m understanding it correctly, in any case a source of the signal for the type-c, going to be a CPU, so perhaps it’s will work in any mode.

That’s probably intended behavior, because most likely HDMI connector comes out of NoVidya card.

Good idea, but keep a note that unlike NoVidya one, Ryzen might not support some top-tier HDMI features like 8k 60 FPS and stuff like that, in case you need it :upside_down_face:

Dang… I wanted so much to play Cyberpunk on mine mobile rtx 3050ti in 8k 60fps, rtx+dlss on. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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btw, i meant signal-wise, not gaming-wise…like you know, it physically wouldn’t do it even with right version of HDMI cable and receiving display / receiver.

Don’t take my word for it, there’s only one way to know for specific model :upside_down_face:
But usually Ryzens are like that…

I’m not a stereotipic dude from the products advertistements, if there’s a slightly disadvantage I won’t care much.
On the laptop I need external display connection just to use it with TV, mostly for the YUZU and other emulators, cause modern smartvs are handling basic apps and web serfing well enough on their own.

Suprisingly, even ringfit is supported, but sadly not a minecraft bedrock edition, hoped to have a local coop with split screen without tinkering with mods.

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Sir, how DARE you not playing Nintendo switch in 8k 60 FPS?!?!?!?! :scream: :scream_cat:
I believe that’s a crime! :rofl:

About that, what I still don’t get it, how nearly every god damn emulator is able to use GPU out of the box, but it’s such a pain in ass to passthrough it to the VM or Docker/Podman.
How sad that the Linux is so widespread nearly on everything, but for personal usage there’s too few people to care about it.
Though I think it could be not impossible to monetize such thing as a one-click, near native virtualization, cause there’s still a high demand for a software that wine cannot handle for years, but virtualization already can. With a trade off of hours of life and sanity to configure KVM, but it can.

Oh yes, i had that problem too…Docker is a synonym for pain in the ass :rofl:

Probably coz it’s created for more…streamlined configuration-based approach, it’s not something made to be out of the box friendly, it restricts everything by default…

Installed PopOS, surprisingly even here in NVIDIA only mode, system is freezing to the unusable state and there was no signal on hdmi. But.
There was a signal in hybrid mode. :clown_face:
But here’s more, on EndeavourOS in LiveUSB mode external display also instantly connected even before installation window opened. :clown_face:

  1. I hate GNOME(what do you mean I need an extension for the keyboard shortcuts?!)
  2. I hate ubuntu/debian based systems, main repos are too small, and shittone of the different PPA instead of junky but single and big AUR is terrible.
    2.1. It’s didn’t even wanted to install Qt5 properly without PPA and even for the AMD-Vulkan drivers you need a damn PPA.
  3. Nvidia Fuck You.
  4. HP Fuck You.
  5. KDE Plasma et tu Brutus.
  6. To have a proper HDMI support, I decided to install XFCE alongside with plasma, anyway it’s tiny and don’t have much cross-dependencies to break anything.

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