How would one uninstall ventoy from a usb stick in linux?

Turns out if my USB stick has ventoy installed my TV can’t pick up the other files (such as movies) that are copied to the drive (instead it shows the VTOYEFI partition for some reason). So for the time being I want to uninstall ventoy (using linux). Do I just reformat my drive or do I have to do anything else?

I’m not Ventoy user, however just reformat should be enough, as always :wink:
Obviously all files from drive will be lost, you know the drill - backup :upside_down_face:


Of course make backups of file on the pen drive before proceeding

  1. Plug in your pen drive to your system.

  2. Open GParted on your system. (you may need to install it: yay -S gparted)

  3. Select your pen drive from the top right drop down. (very important!)

  4. From top menu, choose Device -> Create Partition Table. Choose “msdos”.

  5. Now you will get one chunk of allocated space on your pen drive.

  6. Right click on the unallocated part and choose “New”. On the pop up menu, set, set “File system” as “fat32”. Other options should be fine with default settings. Click “Add”.

  7. On top toolbar, click the tick icon to apply changes.

You can use your pen drive now as usual.

Another thing to note: Ventoy uses EFI, so makes a separate boot partition. Usually, TV detect only the first partition, which is the boot partition and you are unable to acess files. So, before formatting your pen drive, it is important to delete partitions and use only one partition. This is automatically done when you create new partition table. (Step 4)

Edit: Made multiple corrections, formatting.


Another two-liner - assuming you know your USB device path

printf 'o\ny\nn\n\n\n\n0700\nw\ny\n' | sudo gdisk "$USBDEVICE" && sudo mkexfatfs "$USBDEVICE"1
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