How to use emoji like in windows

I just recently installed EndeavourOS …
but i want my emoji style to be like windows ( i.e. when i select any emoji it copies to clipboard in endeavour os but in windows it insert the emoji directly)

any solution for this one ?

Not sure what it has to do wtith windoze, but colourful emojis are not enabled by default. To do so you need an appropriate font and some config.

This explains it all:

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I am just installing it :sweat_smile:
watching your guide !!!

but for me it came with 3 options
and i am confused which one to choose

is there any other medium soo that i can contact you ?

You mean off the forum? How much are you willing to pay me for private lessons and troubleshooting? :rofl:

Just kidding, no… Just ask here what you want. It might be useful for other people to read it, too.

just curious which one to choose (sorry for asking the silly question but i am new soo)

Press 1 and enter.

All done
but i am getting problem while getting notification of emojis from whatsapp or discord …

any way to fix them as well ?

But that is π–†π–‡π–˜π–”π–‘π–šπ–™π–Šπ–‘π–ž π–•π–—π–”π–•π–—π–Žπ–Šπ–™π–†π–—π–ž!