How to tell this notebook to boot from disc (in order to do first install of Endeavour)

hello and good day dear Community,

i want to install Endeavour OS on a Thinkpad T 520

How to tell this notebook to boot from disc (in order to do first install of Endeavour). See the current status and settings in BIOS:

any idea where to start here!?

Did you try pressing F12 while starting up the computer?
It should bring up a Boot Device List to choose which device to boot from.

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See > Boot (top of screenshot)

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hello dear bebcak dear keybreak

many thanks for the quick reply - this overview is called “startup” -
Well - probably i am in the wrong category of the BIOS now!?

i guessed that "Boot " - seems to be the right place to do all these settings that are necessary for the order of boot-devices.

'But this items - and all the things - they look a bit unfamiliar to me

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always if possible
quick disable
network boot disable

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hi @Stephane, hello @keybreak and @pebcak

many thanks it worked - i disabled the network-boot option.

now I managed a online installation - with KDE - Plasma desktop.

Guess that it would be a good thing to do some mandantory steps after the installation.

Which are these things - what command should follow after the fresh install - to get a fully updated and fully operational system ?

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You should check out the endeavour wiki at the top of the forum. That’s been covered very very excessively already and you should have no problem finding that information out with a little searching.


hi good day der fbodymechanic
many thanks for the hints and all the details.
great thing!

Glad to be part of this awesome community