How to solve failed retrieving file .. from mirror

this is probably a stupid question but what am I am supposed to do when something like this happens while installing ?

It depends what command you ran.

If you used pacman -S package to install a package, you can use pacman -Syu package instead.

If you were doing a system update when you received that message, then comment out the first mirror from your list.

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You might need to update your mirrorlist.

Assuming you have rate-mirrors installed,

rate-mirrors arch | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

In case you’re in India, this could help :point_down:

i still keep getting this mirror problems

I have already tried to use this rate-mirror and updated mirrorlist. I also trried to update my mirrors via the Welcome screen. But nothing help.

Even when i do pacman -Syu i get this problem.

How I am supposed to solve it? I cant install vscode, filezilla and many other things…