A Pacman Mirrorlist for India

Indian users commonly have issues with mirrors on Arch. So, I made a small list of mirrors that I’ve found to be reliable and give good speeds here. If you’d like to use them, you can download from the link below.


Here’s a one liner to prepend my mirror list to your existing mirror list.

curl https://files.snehit.dev/pacman-mirrorlist-in > /tmp/pacman-mirrors-in && cat /tmp/pacman-mirrors-in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist | sudo tee /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist


  • This works for me, may not work for you
  • But it will probably work
  • What I’ve shared is totally harmless, but nobody is responsible if you end up doing something wrong.

If the link is broken, or one of the listed mirrors have gone down, you can drop a comment on this thread, or DM me. I’ll update the mirror list accordingly.

Thanks to @s4ndm4n for the idea.


Nice work, I might be pushing it but another suggestion. Don’t know if you already did this. It would be great if you make a post under Hindi category and pin it there. So, this post won’t get drowned undertone of other once.

EDIT: I pinned it here because I think this would help more users from India with mirror issues.

I guess its ok to have in general.

India has way too many languages beyond Hindi, so having this post under Hindi won’t do justice :wink:


Do you also have space for our repo (not the ISOs)?

EDIT: never mind, I misinterpreted the post, I’m on my first coffee of the day :wink:

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Yeah, I forgot about that. There’s Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi … etc. We only have to deal with 1 extra and 2 variants of that :slight_smile:.

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i like the webside design :wink:

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Not too much bloat? :wink:

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God god, languages in India is a never-ending list. :grin:

Thank you very much for this. Real life-saver.

In India, in my experience, Ubuntu has by far the fastest and most reliable mirrors, followed by Debian and Arch. Fedora and Opensuse Mirrors, last time I used them, were painfully slow. Things are improving though.

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sorry for the dumb question. does eos-rankmirrors overwrite the above act