How to search files in thunar -

hello dear all , how to search files in Thunar!? is this possible!?
in the past i used dolphin (in other linux distro) there we were able to do a search.
in the last 10 month .- while using EOS i am not having the option to do so.

any ideas any thoughts .- how to do that - how to achieve this !?

Are you trying to search file names or file contents?

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I think people use catfish but I never really liked it because it opens a separate search window instead of doing the search “in situ” like dolphin or nautilus.

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I believe you have to install catfish and add a custom thunar action. Too much for a semi-minimalist like me :slight_smile: For filename search I use the find command. It works well and fits with my Openbox system.

So I assume you just installed offline.
Recoll should work under XFCE as it did with me under KDE. Try have a look at Make Dolphin Use Recoll "kio_recoll" Installed

I know, I am on KDE, but I do not see why not on XFCE. I am not expert with Thunar but probably you can work out something as I did to search by content from the file manager as I did there.

(And just in case you changed your mind and reinstalled EndeavourOS with KDE online)

I hope this helps.

installing catfish:
yay -S catfish
and add custom action… set shortkey to Ctrl+f and do the search…