How to read in internet peacefully?

I need to do reading on firefox to learn linux, but every few minutes the ads in the webpage changed. what worst is, each time the ads changed, the whole webpage shifted and i lost the place where i read, have to look for the line which i was made stop reading. and when the ads pop back on again with new ads… i lost the line AGAIN! what a stupid website writtened on techjunkie and others…

Upon googled,
There are SOOO many ads blocker in firefox on google search.
How many type of ads blocker ? some are firefox extension, … i am not sure, so confusing.
some said disable java script, yet some website does not run when JS is disabled.
Cookie if disabled, then i will have to type password for login youtube and goole and email each time…
if don’t disable, then i am bombarded with ads…
Some ads blocker does not work, on some type of ads

Can you guys tell me what is your trick under your sleeve to leak the least, yet confortable on website reading and stuff ? which are the better “things” you use to prevent leaking all over the place when interneting… and stop seeing ads yet can read post on webpage peacefully ?


ublock origin


Does it come in aur or depot ? I have being lead to github to get the source code.
Is it an ext to firefox or an package by itself ? I am not that capable of doing the github thing without reading tons of info again. which is another distraction from my current work.

It is a firefox extension. Just add it from within firefox.


Does adblock plus works ?

adblock plus whitelists ads. Use ublock origin instead.


In FF go into the menu bar, select Add-ons, Extensions then search for ublock origin.

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Here is a direct link to it:

You can add it straight from that page.


I’d suggest both Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin, cause each does block items the other misses. I’ve been running them in tandem for years in all my browsers.


I think it might be a better idea to add missing blocklists to the existing ad blocker.
uBlock offers a nice selection, but not all are enabled by default (more blocked items = slower).


Yeah use uBlock origin and you can add more filters later (defaults are very good too, it’s way better than stock internet :laughing: ), and don’t mix it with adblock plus - it’s very bad idea for performance and common sense…


Have a look at the “Energized” blocklists. They come in several different formats, not only for uBlock & co, but also for /etc/hosts, .dat, and others.


The free library computer using Tails OS, and wearing a face mask (easier now than ever, without being arrested)?


I can’t help it but do some searching apart from the given info above:
and found these settings in firefox… not all setting contribute to major privacy leak… but since the authur of this video mentioned these, which appears to be relavent… so i just share with you guys … just in case you would be interested in disabling it.

-privacy related -
set "browser.send_pings=false" 
set "beacon.enabled=false"
set "geo.enabled=false"

-network prefetches, privacy related-
set "network.http.speculative-parallel-limit=0"
set "network.dns.disableprefetch=true"
set "network.prefetch-next=false"

-monitoring if you copy their webpage content-
set "dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled=false"

set "dom.battery.enabled=false"

set "privacy.trackingprotection.enabled=true"
set "privacy.donottrackheader.enabled=true"

-set health report about your browser to mozilla-
set "datareporting.healthreport.infoURL="
set "datareporting.healthreport.uploadEnabled= false"

set "toolkit.telemetry.enabled=false"

set "media.peerconnection.enabled=false"

-3d games stuff - i don't play game in browser-
set "webgl.disabled=true"

set "device.sensor.enabled=false"

set "full-screen-api.enabled=false"

the missing blocklists… where can they be found ?
I don’t go to porn or such website… just doing some reading… and those info webpage are packed with ads… i guess i don’t need to have extra block list

I posted one example of a blocklist above (Energized).

uBlock itself comes with many blocklists but most of them are not enabled by default.
If you’re visiting regional/non-English websites, you might want to have a look at “Regions/Languages” in uBlock settings.


Not even remotely true.

I do not know whether it’s true or not, but it doesn’t make much sense to me to use two in-browser ad-blockers at the same time. What does Adblock+ do that uBlock doesn’t?

I’ve found that Adblocker Plus is superior in circumventing those messages about you having an adblocker and allowing you to view the content without having to disable either. Now that said it’s been sometime since I’ve tested each independently of the other since I backup my browser user-folders so my list for each blocker is always there. Might be time I run them through their paces independently of each other and see what I get.

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