How to minimize window to desktop

I found the discussion to get the minimize options displayed, and they work. The minimize always puts the window in Activities. I’d prefer it on the desktop.
BTW: if you didn’t guess, I’m new to Linux:)
… Charlie

That is a feature, specific to the Gnome-DE. You won’t be able change it as long as running Gnome, AFAIK.

I don’t think you can minimize them to the desktop(Does any OS allow that?)

You could install a dock or panel extension in gnome and then they would additionally minimize to that dock or panel.

The only one working with latest Gnome is Dash-To-Panel, I believe.

To achieve that, one could install the gnome-shell-extensions package, along with gnome extension-manager.

This version of dash-to-dock works with gnome 42


Wow, that’s news to me, thanks @dalto !

Thanx all for the quick responses and suggies … Charlie

If you want to use dash to dock, you can also just install gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock . Works perfect on gnome 42 for me.

EDIT - Sorry I should have mentioned that it is an AUR package and you need to use yay or paru to install.

Gnome extension-manager tells me, “Dash to Dock” is not compatible with Gnome42. However, dalto’s suggestion of “Dash to Dock for COSMIC” is easily found and installed via expension-manager and works instantly for me. Previously I had “Dash To Panel” in use on Gnome42 which worked flawlessly.

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Superkey will display like this


You can add Gnome Tweaks to get more fine tuning of Gnome.

sudo pacman -S gnome-tweaks

Go to Activities and start typing…


Then do this


Happy to have another Gnome user on board and welcome @j831526 to :enos:

This may help @j831526 How I got Dash to Dock working on Gnome 42