How I got Dash to Dock working on Gnome 42

It took a while, but I was determined to get Dash to Dock working on Gnome 42.

Here is what I did:

and download


Easier to get it this way

yay -S sassc

I use Extensions List which I recommend. Dash to Dock will appear in that list, but not in for the current version.

Dash to Dock will be in your extensions list.

Here is finished result…

Happy tweaking!

Note: to mods, since this post is not an issue but a solution to an issue should I mark it as a solution, or should it be posted somewhere else?

There is no reason to mark the first post as the solution. It should be obvious from the topic title that it is not an issue requiring a solution.

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It’s just that Discourse closes a post in two days once it is solved and I am hoping to get some useful tips from members, since Gnome 42 is still uncharted territory as far as extensions go.

Right. So…not marking it as the solution is still the right thing to do for multiple reasons.

The advantage of marking a post as a solution is so the solution will show up in the first post and be easy to find. There is little purpose in marking the initial post as the solution.

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I see a lot of that and always wondered why, except for self promotion maybe. Thanks for your wisdom as always.

Why not just get it from the AUR? It’s been working on gnome 42 on my computer without issue the whole time.

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It seems I must like doing things the hard way, but I least I learned along the way.

Next time I will just ask you, now I know you are a Gnome 42 user :wink:

I use KDE/Gnome mostly these days. But I have and do use most of the flavours.

I guess you missed the birthday photos.

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