How to make Konsole in KDE Plasma truly full screen?

I know that F11 makes Konsole “full screen”, but I never got around to find ut how to make it truly full screen. I mean so the terminal “text” covers the entire screen. DuckDuckGo:ing and the Konsole Handbook is to no avail. Any Plasma Guru with the know how?

…and yes, I want to run cmatrix full screen. Yes, I’m a geek. So terribly important.

You first F11 and then run cmatrix
It doesn’t auto-resize (i mean cmatrix program)

I tried that, but the konsole “frame” is still there. I just want the cmatrix running covering the entire screen, and not this:


Maybe I was unclear.

Oh…i see, i hate this Plasma / Konsole visual BLOAT, had no idea it’s F11 that way.

You need to:

  1. Settings → Toolbars shown
    [ ] Main Toolbar
    [ ] Session Toolbar

  2. [ ] Show menu bar

In case you’ll ever need it back - just RMB anywhere in Konsole, there will be Show menubar entry.



Thank you very much!

Marked as solved.


In addition to what @keybreak mentioned, I also remove the window border for Konsole. I do not make it full screen with F11, I just maximise it (by dragging it to the top edge of the screen).

This way, I can have it tile and float as well. Since it doesn’t have any borders, if I need to move or resize it, I use the Meta key and the mouse.


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