How to lock any apps?

how to lock any apps in EOS, for example i use brave browser and i want lock this browser, but i want lock other apps to , any app for lock apps?

What do you mean by lockin an app?

Not letting people use it or something?

yes like this. my little brother use my laptop but i don’t want share some apps

maybe this one:

not folder or file, i want lock some apps

This might help. But be careful try it out in VM first.

Probably easiest to create another user account for this user, then as admin you must be able to limit access to certain apps by creating groups and remove/add users and privileges like here


Same thing in my link shorter :smiley: .

Which link?

Hyper link word This

I would make them their own account and not give them the sudo password. Give them what you want them to use and nothing more.

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That was hidden… that is an easy example.

But still the OP needs to make a separate user account for the brother and then add it to that group.

Yep, he does that’s why said to do it in a VM first. Other wise he might block him self :stuck_out_tongue:

why linux don’t have any lock apps like android has

Because Linux isn’t Android? Because Linux can easily separate data per user?

That being said, why would you care if your brother uses Brave? As long as he has his own user account, he won’t have access to any of your settings/data/history/etc.

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Maybe he’s gonna hack FBI or something… :rofl:

Linux has the things in it that people want to contribute to.

It’s clearly not a requested feature by the overwhelming majority of folks.

You should put in your request with whatever DE it prefer to have them incorporate such a feature.

If you’re interested in funding the project I’m sure you can get a developer willing to do that for you.