How to install this gimp script?

hi there

i need to install a script to gimp - do you have a ideea how to do that?

Filters / Colours / Indexed Decompose to x colors (value 14 - result is 14 layers)
script found here :
Image / Mode / RGB
Recolor 1 layer at a time with : Colours / Hue-Saturation (use Hue slider)

This script will split a layer into separate layers based upon its original colors. The original layer is not affected, instead a new layer group containing the generated layers will be created.
If the original image is in Indexed Mode then the number of layers created will be equal to the number of colors in the original layer’s palette(/colormap). If the original is in RGB or Grayscale Mode then the number of layers created will be the number of unique colors in the original, up to a maximum of 256 colors. It is typically advisable my Quantize script be used to reduce the number of colors in an RGB image before running this script.

Note: this script requires GIMP 2.8 or later.

never installed scripts for gimp but they do go here



But also, please ensure you can trust that the script you are downloading/installing is safe.


many thanks for the quick reply

btw: this folder is invisible - by default!?


is it !?

Any directory or file with . in front of it is hidden


so the transfer to the data is not as usual


Sorry I don’t understand the question

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should i copy the data of this file on console to the according GIMP-folder -!? or how would you do that!?

note:_ guess that there are serveral ways and methods possible!?

see the script that i want ot add:
Indexed Decompose to
script found here :

However you are most comfortable doing it. I would normally just do this in the file manager

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btw - i cannot see the whole things … i see only parts and besides this. the notebook i am actually running is a ubuntu: i have got this form a friend and i all ways log me in with a very very simple username: “ubuntu”

well i guess that i am not root here - at the moment… - so the question is: what can i do here

buntu@T420s:/home$ ls -l
insgesamt 4
drwxr-x--- 22 ubuntu ubuntu 4096 Mär 25 19:42 ubuntu
ubuntu@T420s:/home$ id
uid=1000(ubuntu) gid=1000(ubuntu) Gruppen=1000(ubuntu),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),100(users),118(lpadmin)

Look forward to your advice


You shouldn’t need any root access to copy the file in the home directory, unsure why you need/want to do this


see what the permissions in the filemanager say…

note - i cannot see the config-folder

why is this so

For the first question about permisions I can’t answer that. As for the second question there should be an option in the file manager to show hidden files

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hi there - with Controll & H i can see the hidden files

i am lucky

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many many thanks for all your continued support - you have helped me alot

have a great day :wink:

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You’re welcome, enjoy your day too





Holy sh/t!
Maybe we should just let him sleep… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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