How to enable Canvas Graphics Acceleration in Krita

So I’ve just started using Krita as an alternative to Photoshop.

While using it, I noticed the image sometimes appears a bit fuzzy, so I went to check if it had anything to do with hardware acceleration.

In the settings menu the checkbox for Canvas Graphics Acceleration is greyed out.

I’m running an Nvidia GTX 1650, and I have the drivers installed, do I need anything else?

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I think most likely you need CUDA, try to install it:


I’m not on Endeavour at a moment, but on Manjaro it also has lib32-cuda
I don’t remember if reboot is required, but obviously close Krita before update :slight_smile:

Ouch, 5.5 gigs to install cuda??
Seems a bit much

wtf :rofl:
can’t be…

Oh wait, you’re on free drivers?
CUDA would require proprietary nvidia drivers

Yeah wait…It’s something wrong here 5,5 Gb must be SDK not runtime.

Sorry, try those, should be enough:


And they require proprietary driver installed still

problem solved!
Went ahead with the ‘5gb’ install, but it took under a minute, so it was probably just a bug…


Not sure i still think it must be SDK and those opencl should be enough…
Well anyways, glad it worked :upside_down_face:

The fuzzyness is gone, so I don’t really care what happened under the hood :smile:

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Well if by any chance you’ll have 5,5 Gb update next time try just opencl :rofl:

probably a good idea, I’ll do that now :sweat_smile: