How to delete an account

The title says all - I can’t find a way to delete the account .

I’ve sent you a pm.


Do not leave us. Let the account stand still for a while only. You may want to come back later.

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lol - not going anywhere - it was just a question as I didn’t find an option for deleting the account.


I’ve seen it in the settings. Just think it shows for new accounts. For a short while.

Might be - I got a private msg tho explaining how it’s done - a mod can delete the account upon request - which is to prevent trolls from creating new accounts under new usernames - which IMHO is quite smart.


Can my account be deleted too? I have moved to Ubuntu and see no way of switching back.
Thank you! - v

Come on! Are you running a Linux kernel? A desktop environment? It’s the same under the hood! Ubuntu, Arch and so on. Same, same, but different! :wink:

@Bryanpwo Can you delete my account too please?

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You are certain this is what you want?

Yup. No point being part of a community that’s censored in the way this place is.

I am sorry you feel that way. I have looked and do not see

I see moderated within the rules of the forum. You may as always return should you change your mind.

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Well i can kinda see why, lately some of you guys just state something like an absolute truth (which is always opinion based, and sometimes not even factual) and then close threads without ability to answer / appeal to some pretty important questions / topics, making some users look / feel like fools.

That can be a little discouraging and authoritarian, you know :laughing:

A little :clown_face: 'y and sneak’y, in my opinion, but whatever you’re an emperor gods of that sacred place with a goal to shut anything worth discussion / having few additional laughs (aka following the forum rules, sometimes little over-stretched) :pray: :innocent:

P.S. Just saying :upside_down_face:

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