How to change kernel location with dracut


I’ve been using EndeavourOS ever since i stumbled upon it in early 2021. The installation on my Desktop PC is running flawlessly. I installed refind as boot manager and everything is fine.

I got a new work laptop on friday and instantly installed EndeavourOS on it. I hadn’t installed Cassini on any PC yet. I picked Systemd-Boot to try it out (indenting to switch to refind later on, i didnt want GRUB) and again everything works…

Except that dracut is confusing me (as in… i have no idea how it works). Refind cannot find the boot images since they are not in /boot (they are in /efi) and also the Kernel Version name is added to the path.

The actual issue:
I want two fixed paths, one for “Linux” and one for “Linux LTS”. How can i configure dracut to not add the kernel version number to the path?

If you want it to work the way you are describing, you can remove the package kernel-install-for-dracut and install the package eos-dracut. Then run sudo dracut-rebuild. That will regenerate the kernels in /boot like you are wanting.

This will break systemd-boot.

As a side note, if you had chosen “No bootloader” it would have worked that way out of the box.

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It’s no problem for rEFInd to use images in /efi, but it will not automatically generate a bootable entry for you until you run refind-install from within the EOS installation while the EFI partition is mounted. You need to do this step even though rEFInd is already installed on the EFI partition from your other system.

It will automatically recognize rEFInd is already installed and will preserve all of your settings, etc–no need to worry about messing up your other system’s setup. It should just add a bootable entry on the rEFInd menu for booting directly into EOS, and also for booting to systemd-boot (rEFInd can hand off the boot process to systemd-boot if you want to do that).

Thanks for the answers!