How to change gtk theme on kde

I just reinstalled my system with endeavouros KDE but in application style I cant see the option to
configure gtk theme, which was there before reinstallation.

I don’t know which DE you were using before but as far as I know, KDE doesn’t use GTK for themes (much) correct me if I’m wrong.

Themes are handled under here: Settings > Application Style > Window decorations > Theme

Doesn’t matter, it’s almost impossible not to use qt / GTK alongside :laughing:

Actually it’s:
Settings → Appearance → Application Style → Configure GNOME/GTK application style (bottom right)

Although you can only choose theme at that point (btw Breeze auto-follows changes to default KDE Breeze theme, including colors etc)

There was no Configure GNOME/GTK application style button on bootom right.

but solved by installing kde-gtk-config package

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