How to change color of hostname and username of the terminal like parrot os terminal

I want my hostname and username to be like parrot os prompt(I really like it) in endeavours os
Just like this:


I know this can be done in .bashrc file in PS1 but I don’t know what settings should be added to make it like parrot os prompt?

Some one here to help!!!

what terminal are you using (there’s lots) and edit - preferences has no style options to customise?

I am using Konsole


I use starship. You can try it if you want something more fancy with nerd fonts.


It is in the repos

yay -S starship
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Boot up your Parrot system and look at the .bashrc there (assuming it uses Bash as the default shell, if not, look at the appropriate config file). Steal the prompt from it. Easy!


That’s very parrot thing to do! :parrot:


many ways lead to rome, you can choose it based on the suggestions here.

Here’s an example from me of how you could proceed.
install zsh, get the zshrc from Blackarch Linux, for example, and change it to your liking. there are many options open to you. last but not least put the code into your .zshrc(/home/user/.zshrc) and that’s it.

on lines 6 and 7 you can configure everything that is visible in the terminal, such as determining the colors of elements.

between the square brackets [ ] you can determine the colors. %{$fg[blue]%}
you should of course find out which color belongs to which element, maybe just by trying it out. note that you have to save the change first and restart the terminal after each change, otherwise you won’t see the change.

this is with the original Blackarch linux zshrc file:

for example here is my parrot like zshrc.

and this is my own configuration with font symbols etc.

All these examples derive from the one file.

Edit: more information about prompt escapes you find >>Here<<


I have a variation of this running on the (wife’s) Mac (which I gave to her, but she never touches the terminal, but that’s another story :roll_eyes:

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Your terminal is quite the piece of artwork. Subtle use of the background without it being obtrusive :art:

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I just found something on the arch wiki

User:Grufo/Color System’s Bash Prompt

I found something like parrot terminal username and hostname(Title as From Arch Forum #1)
But I don’t know who to change color of it(username and hostname color)

I was using bash prompt generator but I think some character are not readable by generators

help needed???