How to add wallpapers in Gnome?

When I go to Settings > Background > Add picture… it lets me browse my pictures but the “Open” button is always greyed out. Same if I choose “Change background” when clicking right mouse button on desktop. I tried selecting files, folders, anything, and even creating /usr/share/backgrounds/ and copying files there, it just won’t let me change the desktop wallpaper. Any idea?

edit: it works if I choose an image from Tweak Tool > Appearance > Background… still don’t know why it doesn’t work from Settings.

This works on my end.

This is just a shot in the dark, did you reboot the machine? There were some core updates recently that may cause this issue.

Yes, rebooted a few times. I should have mentioned I uninstalled endeavouros-theming because I wanted to use my own themes, icons and wallpapers.

That doesn’t affect Gnome, the theming is only active for Xfce.

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How did you install Gnome, with the online installer or manually next to another DE?

I used the online installer to install EOS a few hours ago, but then I also added and removed several programs, not sure if I did something wrong. Anyway, it works from Tweak Tool, maybe it’s just a bug in Gnome or something like that.

I thought Gnome had removed the wallpaper feature? (bad joke :clown_face: sorry)

I just checked it in a VM and it works over there, I think you have removed a dependency.

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Ok, thanks everyone for your quick replies! (and bad jokes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

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