Gnome - The big background cleanup

A few months ago I made a joke about Gnome removing the wallpaper feature. They must have been listening to me:

In fairness to the bearded little people, much of what they are removing has not been accessible by user interface for some time. However, “basically only leave fixed image wallpapers rendered using the “Zoom” method” seems a bit extreme.

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that gnome . Their way or high way . :headstone: slow . sad really


I keep trying to like GNOME … but I just can’t get used to it. Always go back to Xfce.

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Replace GNOME with KDE and Xfce with GNOME.
There you have me! :sweat_smile:


Sry. But i quiet didnt understand the Post on Gitlab in comparsion with your Post.

They didnt remove the “Wallpaper Function”? They remove options, wich couldnt use from Gnomes GUI anyway? And thats its fine.

Im still using KDE, but i have no problem with Gnome and i switch back to Gnome soon if i get some free time again. But i have a VM with latest Gnome Alphas installed. And for me it still a nice DE.

you could say too: that gnome, their way or KDE with Ads :rofl:


I made a joke :clown_face:

Yes, as I said in my post above, “much of what they are removing has not been accessible by user interface for some time”.

There are others who disagree:

555555 gnome or kde no bother me i no use . use what you want :+1: , make no different to me :rofl:

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feel the same @Beowulf :wink:

Wishing too add something positive to the conversation rather than zero… :wink:

Tried gnome for first time recently as default DE with Zorin-16 demo DVD. Thought it was excellent and so, so professional looking. Perhaps that is why take up in the workplace representing real financial savings and offering a paid for professional version with support. Way to go IMHO. :ok_hand:

BTW not a sign of pinky purple unicorn or cute bug eyed fluffy icons-wallpaper Oooops! :scream: :sunglasses:


You thought I was joking when I wrote this:


Hehe, i wish Gnome/KDE/what_ever + the System would use more as 2GB ram :weary:

Have 64GB im System. And it didnt matter what DE or Distribrution i tried, no single one used more as 2GB in idle. And Desktopsicons? Yes thats true too. But for me that is a plus. Because i use my windows in maximised anyway and so i couldnt see the icons anyway. on KDE i use Desktop icons too. But if i dont have the functionality, i didnt care. Mostly i start my programs with super+enter_what_to_open anyway and with that im much much faster as first to minimize a active window, grab the mouse, and then to double click the icon.

Of course somebody could be sarcastic again and mock any people with saying: Desktopicons? gnah! no body needs that! disturbes workflow anyway!!!1 keyboard ftw! :joy: But to be true, its nice to have the option to decide what functions a DE have.

Thats why, i love openbox and co so much. And i said already in a another Post, if i wouldnt be so lazy, i would love to use openbox again.

Like commuting in a Lorry or a Rig as some say – you know with that flag in the back of the cab and all those cheesy lights and horns – a Bull Bar too… OMG it’s Wayne and Waynetta with their pinky purple unicorn and cute bug eyed fluffy thingy… :unicorn: :roll_eyes:

I like the lean, lithe, nimble, efficient and responsive Lotus – with all the cheesy, unnecessary, superfluous gizmos dumped in the trash - get the job done with less :wink:Have fun Y’all :laughing:

Those items are not necessarily in conflict. I like Lotus (had a few drives in a 7 and Elan) but I also have a place for the lorry in my garage! There is no substitute for wheeling through the mountains with 13-speed or more manual shift…!

It might surprise you how nimble a rig can be, too! For instance, I could take a Ferrari off the line when bobtailing (not for far thereafter, admittedly) - something about the 1500 ft-lb of torque…

:grin: :articulated_lorry:



Oh Pamela - Oh Pamela - Oh my Gear Stick will never be same again :crazy_face:
Keep on Trucking (Mr Natural) me too!
So good to see none PC content in British Humour :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:
Thanks @mshmm :articulated_lorry:

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I shall have to complain to YT – disgraceful …… :joy:

signed:- Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells and Mrs Trellis of North Wales :wales:

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What - no call out of Mrs. Bucket? :grin:

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Nothing worse than a Lorry on an incline – here in the UK we have special Crawler Lanes for the slow pokes, even on Motorways, often accompanied by large signs warning – Slow Lorries for 3 miles. :frowning_face:

Similarly there are Distros+DEs other than LXDE that have comparative designation – Ooops! :zipper_mouth_face: :dizzy_face: :laughing:

Back in 1969 I used to work tuning engines on a dyno where basically you stress the engine with work (pump brake) and multiply by the revs; using a simple calculation to obtain BHP – Brake Horse Power. You can quote torque or BHP but it has little meaning unless measured against the mass or weight of the vehicle. This is why testers refer to bhp per ton.

Most racers over the pond think – what can I add to go faster – whereas here in the UK we apply Lotus theory – what can we remove, lighten or dual purpose to go faster and take corners faster. Similarly some Distros+DEs add, add, add and then add some more – Ooops. :scream: :laughing:

Wanna race 71 year old git…


you should better use