How often do I need to update

How often do think I have to update the EOS? Can EOS run without update for months? We are going to areas with very limit internet access and I run EOS as daily driver that is why I am curious…thanks

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It can run indefinitely without updates, but when you finally do decide to update, you may have some problems, if you haven’t updated in a while.

If you update it once every couple of months, you’ll be fine. The longer you wait, the less smooth the update process becomes.

Six months, even a year without an update is also doable, but you have to understand the process a bit more, because it may require some simple manual intervention. Like refreshing mirrors, updating the keyring first, etc… But if you get stuck, people here will be happy to help.

So I wouldn’t worry too much about it, to be honest.

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It’s Arch - every minute, every second!

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While a bit funny, a n00b might take it seriously.


The longer you wait, the harder it gets. It is almost never impossible though.

If you wait several weeks to a couple of months you will probably need to do a keyring update before updating your system normally.

If you wait 6 months to a year, you may start to hit replacement issues and/or pacman changes that can make things much more complicated. In the latter case, pacman-static can help you.

I have updated systems that are 2+ years out of date but it can get difficult in those situations.


Yep. I agree with you.

Perhaps you maybe better off with Debian for that use case. Just saying, rolling release is not the best use case for every situation.

That being said if you really want to stick with rolling, it’s been answered in previous posts. Backup your data before that months old update.

Edit: and keep a live USB with you in case.

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Are there any recommendations before heading out?

Even failing to update because of not updating for many months should not cause data loss. It’s not like your computer decides to wipe the drives clean if it hasn’t been updated in a while :rofl:

However, all important data should be backed up regardless – this is because hardware failure happens all the time, updates or no updates.


That’s not the reason… If you update and mess up and can’t fix it or make system unbootable…

I do update once a week but backup my data before that generally. It’s just good practice.

I do not disagree with you that it is important to have all important data backed up. However, your implication that data loss is in any way related to updating your system is simply false. Even if you cannot boot your system due to a failed update, you can access all data on that system through a live image.

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:point_up_2:t2: and welcome @Steele101 to the forum!


Update before heading out. And use every chance you get near civilisation to update.

Keep a USB drive with a bootable EndeavourOS ISO with you. Write your username and password for this forum on a piece of paper. If you have internet access but you mess up your system, you can use your ISO image to browse the net and come here on the forum to ask for help.

Alternatively, if you think you won’t have the time and willingness to do troubleshooting while you’re away, update now before heading out, verify everything works fine, and just stop updating altogether until you’re back. Everything will continue to work fine if you do not update. Then, when you’re back, you can deal with any issues that may arise from you not updating regularly. It probably won’t be too bad and we’ll help you out.


Thanks again guys and appreciated for quick response. Really awesome!


The frog always wants to be right… :hugs:


Strangely the frog is not usually unreasonable nor wrong, maybe it’s because of the weight of his years behind him ? :slight_smile:

First of all welcome to the wonderful EndeavourOS world.
I had the same question a few days ago but for a different purpose.
The conclusion I got is like every second week to be sure it will be smooth.

I can’t imagine myself doing anything other than EndeavourOS.

Unless he would be living in jungle for months without internet. If this happens to me I would keep using EndeavourOS and even make a fresh install after I get back to civilization.

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I just update into the future! :rocketa_purple: :rofl:

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I think he may be a bot, he knows too much :innocent:

thats ok, but still rolling release is not the best for every situation or person. I just thought I mention it, Debian is a fine distro to my opinion, and when I travel for couple of months I generally use it. You want to know why? because if on the road I need to install one piece of software, then I need to update my system first. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:popcorn:Hypothetical situtation could be that I come out of the jungle to a village to update my laptop after 3 months, but just have 20 min time on the cybercafe. Well Debian is likely to be a couple of security updates and I am ready to install my other software. Arch based, is going to pull at least a gigabite of updates, and then all the keyrings and other issues… just saying, personally I would go for Debian while on the road and come back to eos when back to civilization.

Edit: full disclosure I don’t live in the jungle and use EOS, it’s also my favorite distro.

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