How many of you use Awesome wm?

How many of you use Awesome window manager on eos? What tips do you have for complete awesome newbieness?

  • I use awesome
  • I use another dynamic wm

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For those of you who have never tried it, I just watched this video below. I like that it is possible to use a right click menu like openbox plus one can choose the tiling scheme to tile windows, and custom keybindings are automatically generated into a cheat sheet.

I have tried it a while ago. I gave up because compared to i3, I couldn’t easily grasp lua comparatively.


AWM is much more of a strip-down DE than a WM. But good. Some don’t like the Lua part of it.

It is considered a dynamic window manager

I agree, though, looks close to a DE with the right click menu and when having floating windows enabled.

I am doing a new install as we speak on another rig to check how easily I can configure to my liking and try to see what’s the learning curve in comparison to i3wm, which I am more familiar with.

The config file seems easy to read but there is some code in there needed to learn.

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no use for long time . it ok but no enjoy lua learn curve . ( lazy me )


I know.

Both are pretty similar but AWM has a lot of cool-looking rises and it’s not that hard to get around the config part. If you have any scripting knowledge. i3 uses a text file which gets interpreted it’s more beginner frindly.

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First of all - it’s extensible fork of dwm, which tells a lot.
Learning curve is high, but it’s very rewarding.


I thought it might be a good idea to check it out and perhaps look if the community is interested in an eos community edition.

Not saying I am taking that project on :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: too much work already. But I like to try to do a theme eos version with minimal tools like dmenu and see how far I come.

look nice… no for me + long way to get DE :wink: better install kde,xfce + other

I have always wanted to try but lua…I just don’t have the time to dive down another rabbit hole lol.


@Shjim @Elloquin
Luckily, like all good things in life - you have to learn it only once :upside_down_face:

DIY OR DIE!!! :partying_face:



this one i used before

" " it a fork of this

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i be there before+ no like lua … ( i lazy) just want fast,light so i can work . in past i try/use most wm.

i3,bspwm i like for easy use. dwm+xmonad take up time ( i no have lot free )

xmonad, I spent a full Sunday, and the evening ended up in frustration. Hopefully Awesome wm will be awesome experience.

I don’t need much, just want it to work on laptop plus external monitor, tweak a bit keybindings and also integrate things from my xfce install if possible. Here I am thinking of battery, volume and network indicators, and lock screen. Or I will have to dive a bit into how to script an alternative if I have the patience.

The key is minimal effort. or :christmas_tree: project.

if want fast easy configure ? i3 .

:rofl: Already have i3, want to try new stuff as usual. It’s my mini weekend pet project. @Shjim you are always wise :innocent:

no. you have eos i3 , try i3 github ( fresh install just tty + install i3 ) :innocent:

To my credit, I did vanilla i3 install before, once I installed arch Linux with i3, and other was either kde or gnome and then vanilla i3. But never eos minimal and only vanilla i3.


bspwm fun . try that if want project


Same, I don’t have much time. Was with xmonad for a few months, but Haskell and it’s 200+ packages. I tried awesome, but didn’t like the window bars and the top bar that much. I could use it, but …

Try Spectrwm - related to dwm and xmonad, but has a complete config file dropped in /usr/etc that you copy then can customize the keys, colors, and autostart. I had a fully configured Spectrwm in less than an hour. Configuring the baraction shell script took another half hour.