How is ComfyUI (AI) and ML with endeavouros?

So, I am here because well, Windows + AI doesn’t let me use the whole system I have built for A.I. I currently using a Windows 11 system and using Stability Matrix / ChatGPT for game development and design. I have a 7900XTX GPU and a 7950X3D processor, I can’t fully utilize these with Windows 11 and AMD because ROCm is only on Linux, this is what brought me here to the purple universe as people are calling it from the posts I have read :slight_smile: I am going to run a Dual Boot with Windows 11 and endeavouros and was wondering if anyone had any tips/tricks? Love you all and thanks for the welcome in advanced! Look forward to hearing from you all!

hmmmm i may have to pullin a expert for this one g

If you aren’t going to diagnose probable issues that would stem from NOT installing a software’s optional dependency package ,which might NOT be so optional for your use case , consider using a GUI package installer which will list out the optional packages during a install and pause the install until any/no option is selected , depending on your use case , you may/may not install it

. My favourite is Bauh as it is simple , looks good and works good with pacman and easy to use. Although I really prefer the terminal .

Also to have a beautiful boot ui to choose between linux and windows , consider rEFInd boot manager , but during installation of Endeavour OS , you must choose GRUB as your bootloader to use refind easily out of the box.

Should you run into theming issues(I hope you don’t ) with rEFInd similar to these below , consider this thread:

Should you need any assistance in the above issue (if it arises) feel free to reply to me via the thread or personal message . I would be welcome to help you.


YES what he said

Thanks so much for your reply and advice! I greatly appreciate it! I had some weird options in bios turned off and for some reason I couldn’t boot from USB, so I had to change that and also change the time and speed of my Ram. Going to try and do this install now, and I will post an update once I get it installed :slight_smile: