How do you get vs code installed here?

Apparently is in the extra repo, but is

Sudo pacman -S code

Enough to install it?

I need it for web development and things like node JS and maybe support for JS and HTML syntax and highlight might be missing

Does the kinda in software store work like in windows?

I managed to secure the installation with a TIMESHIFT backup, so now I think I’m safer…

Maybe someone who manages the site knows, I’m pretty sure that we got at least a web dev here who might find the answer(I got it, vs codium) , but what about the rest of software?

Node JS has many packages if I were to search it with pacman -Ss

sudo pacman -Syu $APPLICATION
is my recommended way.

Personally don’t use vscode however i can’t imagine them putting something out that you couldn’t save to unless a proprietary code is needed for it.

Things can always go wrong never put faith in just one thing. Always keep fresh backups And remember safe is just a matter of perspective.


You don’t…and even if you do - it’s better to try it’s free & open-source fork without M$ :ox: :poop: such as telemetry and tracking, i reckon.

If you want to compile from source:

yay -S vscodium

If you want pre-compiled:

yay -S vscodium-bin
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And which package I’d need to get node JS running for this software?

No clue, since i don’t use this editor…But i assume you’d likely need nodejs installed.

pacman -Ss nodejs

See here, it will list all available stuff, there’s few versions of LTS and latest package of nodejs, how to get it working in vscodium - you’d have to ask it’s user.

Should be something like:

sudo pacman -Syu nodejs npm

P.S. And remember kids…npm is a very dangerous place!

Ok, this is quite something… Malware in nodeJs, seriously?

Who thought of doing that… I mean it’s made to make a website work :frowning:

lol, are you kidding me?
It’s the most malware ridden software repository ever, always were.

Hackers target popular packages in there for years.
It’s the easiest way to infect many machines at once.

People just use this dependency hell without thinking twice…pulling some crap into their projects without any checks whatsoever.

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For the Node.js part I think you have to install the extension inside the application.


I install vscode from the tarball (Download Visual Studio Code - Mac, Linux, Windows). The version in the official extra repo is crippled (i.e., does not support development over ssh). And I shun AUR (especially complex apps like this) per System maintenance - ArchWiki. I create/install a .desktop file for VSCode (or you can just use your menu editor) which a one-time step if you extract into a directory of the same name each time you update. VSCode is also available as a snap (however I don’t do snaps, but you may), but not as flatpak unfortunately.

Just install the vscodium, it leaves out the telemetry that is active with vscode.

aur/vscodium-bin (+264 10.76%)
    Binary releases of VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing.

yay -S vscodium-bin

How do you install the tarball?

Just install it from the repos or from the AUR.

You may want to have a look at vscodium as well, I mentioned it in my first reply.

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To install the tarball, it is something like:

  • download the right tarball (e.g., “code-stable-x64-1707296849.tar.gz”) into a directory that you will remember and safe from removal (e.g., I use ~/.my-apps/VSCode.d).
  • extract the archive using something like: tar xvf code*.tar.gz (it should put it in a directory like VSCode-linux-x64) … alternatively, you can usually right-click in your file manager to extract the tarball.
  • in that directory, there is an executable called code. Use your menu editor to add that file to your GUI menu (and add the icon in resources/app/resources/linux/code.png) … alternatively, create a .desktop file (find instructions on the web).

The code in the Arch repos is the tracking free version, so the direct install is the simplest. Sill has access to a good mix of add-ons, and no as-yet discovered downside. I’ve even got a conky/lua syntax setup!

BTW - it is my understanding (not checked) that even if you for some reason grab a direct MS version, that the tracking can be turned off. I’m still happier with the Arch version though…


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