How do you choose your online linux names?

on the CB radio period where i living i called Batman :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah was stil young :slight_smile: and on Packet Radio my first name was RB1TLB and later NL1RTB classic feeling… :slight_smile: not i was famous it was 91 in that year :slight_smile:


Believe it or not, I have been using dalto so long I no longer remember where it came from in the first place. :thinking:

Knowing me, I probably just made it up arbitrarily without any rhyme or reason. :upside_down_face:


i think you was a fan of lucky luck :slight_smile: especially the ‘daltons’ :slight_smile: but you forgot to wrote the n and the s :slight_smile:


Ditto :+1:


I was at band rehearsal one night when the guitarist swung around bringing the head of his instrument directly towards my face. I leaned back to avoid nasal demolition while continuing to play and never missed a note. The drummer said I moved like a ninja, so I became the Bass Ninja :laughing:


My name is still zoli62, just like I was immersed in the world of the internet more than twenty-two years ago. 62 is my year of birth. Back then, Netscape, ICQ, IRC, etc. still existed. At that time, we were still using Novell’s internal network.


My first nickname was Crucify. Around 22 years ago. Then it became Crackle. I have used SweSG for 15 years now. I’ve had a few other nicknames as well! Hard to remember everyone.


The first page I joined was SPRAYdio. A Swedish music site in the beginning of 2000. No longer exists.


My username is a family nickname we all get called.

The 03 has a special meaning though, when my Grandfather was still alive he, Dad and I would go to the local club every Friday to drink and play pool. We would also enter in the raffles and obviously play pool, to differentiate between us as we all got called the same thing our nicknames would be Dobbie01, Dobbie02, Dobbie03. 01 being my Grandad, 02 being Dad. This has progressed through the family and I think we are at about Dobbie21?

Every time I see my nickname, which is often, it reminds me of good times and people who I loved dearly who are no longer with me.


It came from my biker days as i was totally insane as a rider so they called me maddog later it was changed to mandog and has never changed.


My username is Flemish dialect for ice cream truck…
Why? Take a guess what passed by the windows when I started using that name :sweat_smile:


Mr Ecks as in Mr X, an unknown person of male persuasion. I tend to use it everywhere and in some circuits I’m well known by a lot of people, so I’m not that anonymous any longer.

My avatar is my face partially hidden by a katana, so even less anonymous I guess. :wink:


Ah, Katana! I wondered what that was. I was beginning to think it was some kind of Borg implant :laughing:


If you wish to be more anonymous I suggest a Ninjato instead :wink:

Live long and prosper! :grin:


I used my name. First name middle and last initials. Lizzi A S


I was reliving a bit of nostalgia and checking up on the Runescape community, a game that has been a part of my life in most of my teenage years. Haven’t played for a long while, but I still dig checking out some creative content done by the community and catching up on the happenings.

In the game, Oziach is a generally unpleasant character who gives you the most iconic quest of the free-to-play set. I liked the name so I chose it. I was never a part of a forum or anything long enough for any of my previous names to be recognizable or matter, so I just never stuck with one thing.


Devilcock!, a song by the band “Princess Tinymeat” is one of my alltime favourites. And I can use “Tinymeat” without any added numbers or signs because it’s a rare word. And I like the word (could also describe the amount of brain inside my head :crazy_face:)
My avatar is a snippet of a painting by Marc Ryden, “The Cloven Bunny” - I love it so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. It fits my nickname very well I think.


My name is ridiculously common, so one day when looking for a new handle I realised that my wife had got me a new Onyx ring that I love, so I added “nz” to it because that’s my country of origin. That and I couldn’t afford another vowel. (Probably only the English-as-first-language speakers will get that joke!) :laughing:


I’m another who has a handle starting back from CB radio days and it has held on through BBSs, Compuserve, and finally to the internet.

It started as a family joke as “grenouille” is french for “frog” and my family emigrated to the US from France a couple of generations ago.

I’ll sometimes add “7777” to it if it’s already taken.

The avatar is a representation of a caffeine molecule since coffee is a necessary part of everyone’s diet.


Well–not very inventive—Last distro I used was Debian, so ExDebianuser is my current one. I would guess that in a couple of months it will be Archuser or Endeavouruser…not sure (may add “testing” or “current” to the name just to change things up) :slight_smile: My avatar has been Bill the Cat for as long as I can remember (at least 20 years or so)…I’m a cat-owned person ( :crazy_face: ), so Bill came to mind very soon after the “need” for an avatar came up…


it just my Name. fed up people tell me my game name is " just not for here " or one of the ism’s :unamused: It just a name !!!