How do I update NVIDIA drivers?

Hello, new Linux user here. Ditched Windows a while ago and moved to Kubuntu. Got some experience with Debian based distros and decided to just make the move to Arch and went with Endeavour. Loving it so far.

However, I was wondering how do I update the installed NVIDIA drivers when a new version will release? I used the bundled # nvidia-drivers-installer after installing EOS and had no issues.

Does it just update automatically if I run # sudo pacman -Syu & # yay?

Possibly a stupid question but all answers appreciated.

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Yes, pretty much


Alright, thanks for the lightning fast response!

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Just a small but anyway important note:
yay should not be started as root. It will ask a password if it needs more privileges.

(Wrote this because you used the # character as prompt (root prompt) before the commands. But if you didn’t mean that, then just ignore this post. :wink:)

And you can use command UpdateInTerminal as well.


Yep, I know not to run yay as root, the hashtag was supposed to denote a terminal but I forgot the character for that is $, apologies :grin:


No worries! :smile:


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To fully update your system, while logged in a shell with your user account (NOT as root), simply run:


Nothing more, nothing less.

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