How do I make the Alacritty terminal look like Garuda Linux's terminal?

So basically, I am wanting my Alacritty installation to look like this:

The main things I want are for neofetch to automatically run every startup of Alacritty, the blurry and transparent background, and also the default “[user@system ~]” to appear as it does in that picture. I have fish already installed, but am struggling to figure out how to do the above. Also, I want the top of the terminal to say the location and shell like it does in that screenshot. I am a newbie for Arch, so, I don’t know how to do anything like this yet.

I don’t use fish or alcritty but I can point out to you that the displaying of the titlebar should be in alacritty settings somewhere.

The prompt config and launching neofetch are part fish initialization.

The blur is probably also in alacritty config but will also require support for transparency.

Hopefully someone more familiar will come along to provide more specific instructions.

If it was me, I would actually just look at the config files in garuda and see what they are setting.


Yeah, I tried to just copy over Garuda’s Alacritty config file, but it didn’t look the same at all. The things that worked were the transparency (no blur) and the color scheme, so I’m assuming I’m missing some packages that are required to do this.

You also need to copy over the fish config.

Which DE/WM are you using?

I’m using KDE Plasma (X11)

have used fish before? or just like look ?

" fish_config " in terminal for prompt + more ( or copy there config )
Blur my guess it in kde settings ? ( never used )
neofetch you add in fish config

Edit … look like use starship prompt

Most of the settings information is available at the Garuda git site - might be the easiest way to get it… (more info at Garuda forums)


So I was able to get the prompt to look like the picture, but am still unsure about the blur/transparency.

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Ask at


Like @Elloquin said, ask at Garuda forum. This is not meant to tell you “go away” in a rude way, but is a really good, friendly suggestion. Garuda forum is a very nice and friendly place, and the people who made Garuda look like this are active there and willing to answer questions.

I think you are wasting time asking about it here. Your time, because it’s going to take you longer to get a good answer, and our time, since we don’t know the answers and have to invest time to figure them out.


ISTR that the Garuda settings for fish are in the AUR as well as the Garuda settings for Starship (prompt helper).

Please try to avoid using acronyms like ISTR on the forum. We have many members who use translation tools to participate here and that makes it harder for them to do so.

Also, I think most of the garuda-specific stuff was removed from the AUR with the exception of garuda-settings-manager.


Just to point out, asking how to make a different distro look like Garuda isn’t really a Garuda issue. You might get pointed towards the GitLab pages with the settings, but that’s going to be about it.

The normal approach for a “newbie” would be to use a distribution that provides what they are looking for. If you want what Garuda provides then use Garuda. If you want what EnOS provides then use EnOS. If you want to build your own Arch-based setup then that’s really up to you.

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no think it issue . is it no the best place to ask about how they get that look ? I agree if want Garuda look then use Garuda

Imagine you have spent a lot of time developing a meal to your taste. Someone comes along and says, “Oh, I like the sauce - can you tell me how you did it so I can do it myself?”

Giving them the sauce recipe might be fine.

Teaching them step-by-step how to apply the sauce to a different dish is probably not.

(Imagine also going online and complaining that a chef won’t teach you how to make a meal from their restaurant… :rofl:)


true . my understanding usr just ask how done , so logical answer ask on Gardua ( no expect spoon feed tho ) I no think people here mean " go ask and get step by step " on garuda forum


First, I want to say that this is my personal opinion.

If someone came here and said:

  • I want to add transparency and blur to my terminal
  • I would like the command in the titlebar
  • I would like to see my fish prompt look like this sample
  • I would like to to have neofetch launch in my terminal automatically

My opinion is that we would help them because that is the type of community that we are.

I honestly don’t see any difference from the above and “Please help me make my terminal look like the one in Garuda”. I am not sure why we would send a user somewhere else to get support on their EndeavourOS installation. The fact that they shared that they want to be “like Garuda” is actually more helpful than if they hadn’t shared that.

I also think the idea that you should switch to Garuda if prefer the terminal layout used by Garuda is somewhat questionable. The differences in a Garuda install and EOS install are much more than the look of the terminal.


:pray: All i see . usr want to run before learn how to walk .

i no mind help new usr ( that EOS way ) :+1: but there a point your help will confuse them + break there system as the no understand commands or what you print . they blind copy + paste .

:pray: that just my opinon


My point was just this: if you want to get your question answered in the best possible way, it’s best to ask it at a place where there are people who know the best answers.

I certainly did not mean it as: “don’t ask here, go away”, and I was quite precise about it.

I see the difference, because the OP asked specifically about Garuda. He did not ask a series of concrete questions, but a general, vague question, which could maybe be reduced to 4 concrete points, like you did, but could also be reduced to 44, or even 444 points, depending on what the OP had in mind.

This is not a support for EndeavourOS installation, as there is nothing specific to EndeavourOS about it. This is support for Alacritty and Fish, and whatever else Garuda maintainers decided to include with their terminal (I have no idea – the people who know this the best are Garuda maintainers).

I see nothing wrong with asking. In fact, I am happy to share all the knowledge I have (unless the person asking is doing so in an annoying way), and I would most likely feel happy and flattered if someone liked my “sauce” so much they wanted me to share my “secrets” with him or her. But even if I didn’t want to share the “secret”, I still wouldn’t be inconvenienced in any way by someone asking.


I think we’re in agreement here.

The issue is how do forums deal with requests like this in general? Asking a chef for a recipe is one thing, but having no idea how to cook and expecting them to teach you is unreasonable.

Yet, a common expectation among “new users” is that they should be given step-by-step copy-paste instructions on how to do the thing they want, and if they don’t get that then they complain that the community is unfriendly. :man_shrugging: