How do i make qt apps look like gtk?

qt5ct doesen have gtk as a style option, just fusion and windows. im prtty sure on other distros ive seen gtk or gtk2 or similar in that drop-down as well. i presume im missing a package but im unable to figure out which it might be

thanks in advance

Have a look at:

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kvantum eh? im pretty sure there should be a gtk style for qt5ct somewhere as well

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Well - if you find a way, let us all know about it!


…that’d be pretty awesome!

I couldn’t get themeing to work a few months ago when a Qt6 update broke some of the workarounds. Not sure if that issues has been resolved, but in the meantime I’ve used the following two packages which aren’t perfect, but they transform any Qt app into the Adwaita or Adwaita-dark theme depending on your theme choice.

sudo pacman -S qgnomeplatform-qt5 qgnomeplatform-qt6


That’s nice to learn!

They’ll never look exactly the same, so I wouldn’t bother with it. As long as both types of applications look sufficiently unbroken and are usable, that’s fine in my book.

I am pretty sure that only works with gnome.

I don’t understand all this qt5 qnd gtk stuff. I just use KDE problem solved! :rofl:


Probably the DE having the best theming consistency for apps out of the box

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I never worry about this stuff. I’m more concerned how the OS works.


The OS I use :enos: always works well without issue. So for a period of time I cared about theming :rofl:

Yes that is correct. The way I read OP’s title, I assumed they were on Gnome using GTK mainly with some Qt apps installed as well that they wanted to look like they were GTK apps as well. I guess I might have assumed too much :sweat_smile:

I’m just saying I like a lot of desktops. I never talk about gtk or qt5 or anything. It’s meaningless to me. :man_shrugging:

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I have no idea what DE he is using but there are lots of gtk DEs. Xfce, cinnamon, budgie, mate, lxde, etc…

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You can use kvantum witj qt5ct or make some profile colors to match gtk

kvantum and qt5ct and a bit of editing of /etc/environment as per the article does indeed seem to be the best solution. not perfect but much better than it was. thanks for all input


Nice! Glad you could make them look, somewhat at least, to your liking.

IIRC you can easily change a kvantum theme’s colors, editing the kvantum theme file, which is created locally, when you first edit in kvantum manager gui.
That file has more settings than the GUI app includes.

The big downside with kvantum is that is it themes qt widgets. As more qt applications are using qml, kvantum theming breaks down. Especially with the switch to qt6 happening now.