How do I install the Brave browser from the AUR? + experience with Brave

I recently tried to build it, but the process didn’t finish in hours. Will the installation of brave.bin be completed faster?

brave-bin will build much faster

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Thanks, I’ve already installed it in the meantime. It has grown well since I haven’t used it. It has become quite a pretty browser and is really quite fast as it is written in the tests.

I like it a lot; I switched from Firefox to it about a month ago.
I HAVE turned Rewards off, tho since quite frankly I do not earn enough to be worth it and I frequent so very very few sites that I can donate to.

I use multiple browsers for test purposes because some pages may display poorly in one browser and flawlessly in another.

Personally I don’t use Brave because of their shady practises etc. There is a new project on GitHub caller Braver Browser what tries to rip out all of the Braves shady things like referral code hijacking etc.


Same here, i swapped it out for ungoogled-chrome last night. I use ungoogled-chrome & Firefox now.

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Firefox for me…always. I like it and i don’t use blockers. No issues. I do set network settings to Enable DNS over HTTPS. Also i block notifications under privacy and security. (Block new requests asking to allow notifications) Also uncheck allow Firefox to install and run studies.


It amazes me all the shady things they get caught doing and still people flock to that browser. They have the same excuse every time, “Oops, that was a mistake”.

I guess that is the power of marketing.


You mean under preferences/general then under Network Settings “Enable DNS Over HTTPS” Cloudflare(Default)? I thought there was also issues with Cloudflare as well collecting peoples data ect…?

Have you tried any of these Firefox settings?

Back when I was using it I remember Brave as a very fast and battery friendly browser, which is important for a mobile device. Very easy to sync with other devices as well. And nice marketing too.
I use different browsers, lately mostly Firefox. But never liked it really, it still feels too heavy and unintuitive to me, but it is just a matter of personal preference.

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Any references for that? I’m not finding any, beyond the ‘whitelisting controversy’, that doesn’t affect me because I don’t go to those sites anyway… If you turn off predictive behaviours, what’s left that’s a problem?

(disclaimer: I use Firefox and Brave both, depending on various factors. Brave on a tablet is definitely pretty good in comparison - now that Firefox has taken away most of its settings.)

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I don’t have an issue with Cloud Flare at least right now. I feel it’s better at least using https than not. I don’t use ad blockers and i don’t have any of the issues that a lot of people have because i don’t use Facebook which is the biggest culprit along with a bunch of others such as Google & Microsoft to name a few!

I haven’t tried any of those settings on Firefox but thanks i will look at it more. I know that they are working on these things for fingerprinting & tracking and Tor so i am interested in it.

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There is enough history of questionable business practices for me. There are more but here are some off the top of my head.

  • They started their browser on the premise of blocking ads on sites and replacing them with their own ads. The concept was completely shady from the beginning.
  • When that concept failed completely, they suddenly became a privacy focused browser. While changing business strategies is a pretty reasonable thing to do, it quickly became clear that their promise of respecting privacy was mostly marketing.
    • They got caught whitelisting facebook URLs
    • In the last couple of weeks they got caught injecting their referral links into URLs

If you search around, there is more stuff to find in their history.

If you are going to bill yourself as a privacy focused browser, you need to be trustworthy because the browser holds the keys to the kingdom when it comes to privacy. They have a track record which does not inspire any trust in me.

If they were advertising themselves as a normal browser, the things they do would still be questionable but no worse than what other companies do. But that isn’t what they advertise themselves as.

Ultimately, if privacy isn’t a priority for you, I am sure it is a fine browser. However, if you are using Brave because you are bought into the privacy hype they have created, you are probably being mislead.

Everything has its downsides. Is that what you mean, among other things?

Well - I haven’t seen anything on injections into URLs yet, but I’m sure you’re right. The main focus for me was to get something Chrome-based but NOT google-tied (so to speak). I find the cast capability useful, and the ease of blocking things (and thus speed, and reduced annoyance) is a good thing too. I am probably not as focused on privacy as I might be, but then again, I’m too old to be doing much of ‘interest’ to inimical forces :grin:

As for the tracking stuff, if you only access Google through DuckDuckGo, and stay away from Facebook and the like, the targeting is not so much on point. Oh - and don’t use any universal logins (like GoogleID) in your travels. Beyond that, if someone (an inimical force) wants to know about you, you’re already done, I figure - at least in the enclaves of the 5 eyes world.

In the meantime, I’ll set up Firefox for a better privacy experience (as per the post above) and carry on with fingers crossed…

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Something for something is often said. The price of skipping Google’s services is that they resort to certain other tactics. I see that both Brave and ungoogled chromium are skipping Google services.

Thanks for the link - I hadn’t run across that one. For perspective, though, it always amazes me that the expectations are for everything to be done in the best interests of the user - for free. Glorious, and often approached, but difficult to achieve on an ongoing basis…

Personally, I kick in a bit when I see something I appreciate, and I hope that others do too! As I mentioned on another topic, think of it as an expense for the entertainment budget - that usually has the room for it! :grin:

Here you go. :smile:

Chrome-based but NOT google-tied (so to speak).

No problem. :slight_smile: Everything has a price. The Brave browser is also FOSS, but you have to make up for the omission of Google services with something. You write well that there is no free lunch, no matter how much users expect it.