How do I install the Brave browser from the AUR? + experience with Brave

By the way, I was thinking about how to solve synchronization, which is now a basic requirement for browsers, by omitting Google or other online accounts.

I have done no research on that - I just let Firefox take care of it. It covers the phone (rare), the tablet (lots) and the many and varied distros I run. I got tired of trying to remember which system I was in when I bookmarked something! :laughing:

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Of course, in terms of syncing, I was thinking of chrome-based browsers. Firefox does this differently. I also use Palemoon browser anyway, this is a Firefox fork. I use to bookmark.

I try to limit (that’s NOT eliminate) my contact with Google where possible, so I assumed Firefox was reasonably Google-free…

Closflares deal with Firefox is much better than the one they have with private customers.

The difference is that Brave has all the anonymous and privacy settings up front.
I am as private on brave with only one extension installed as with firefox and Chrome(ium) with 6 installed.

I like it, I will stick with it, it’s the best Chromium based browser I have found and quite frankly I am tired of Firefox’s jankiness.