How do I enable wayland?


I wanted to enable wayland since xorg is a little laggy on my nvidia 2080ti, and I heard this is way better in Wayland.

However, it doesnt seem to be this easy since I dont have the cogwheel in the login screen as some people mentioned.

I found this post (the last reply)

I followed the tutorial but I got stuck at step 4. I have no idea how to edit the kernel and what a GRUB is or does. Can anyone guide me through step 4?

Thanks in advance!

You had better be sure about this!

Welcome to EndeavourOS.

Indeed, the recommendation is to run GNOME with “Y-land” instead of “X-dot-org” but the developers of Wayland are still working out many bugs and inconsistencies. You might want to check out another desktop environment.

If I remember correct, KDE (XORG) has better compatibility with Nvidia, while Wayland seems to have better support on AMD.

IF you have a brand new install, chanses are that you have systemd instead of grub.
I personally am not qualified to take you through that or grub.

Yea you’re right, it seems like its not perfect yet. So I guess you just can’t have buttery smooth experience in gnome if you have a nvidia GPU? Which desktop environment is better with an nvidia gpu then? Is it easy to change?

I don’t know what you plan to do with your computer, but if it’s not a game or something that requires heavy system resources then you could just check out the EndeavourOS live ISO, with XFCE desktop environment. I don’t know what to tell you about testing it because I only have a budget laptop with Intel Mesa. That could be done at least.

GRUB is a bootloader, very annoying to deal with sometimes. The other option is “systemd-boot” which you probably selected without thinking much about it when you installed EndeavourOS. (Uh, that screen in Calamares which accepts one switch, and the bottom one says “no bootloader, but don’t choose this if you’re not Linux expert.”) Either one or the other is needed to begin things on the computer right after it’s turned on.

First of all post system info to get better help:

inxi -Faz --no-host | eos-sendlog

Xorg (=display server, not DE) is generally better with Nvidia, that is why Wayland is disabled by default for your card.

Wayland definitely works better and is less buggy on gnome.

However, consider this from arch wiki, I don’t know your card but worth checking the wiki for more infos.

If you have an older card, NVIDIA no longer actively supports drivers for your card. This means that these drivers do not officially support the current Xorg version

Here is my system info:

So it should be supported just fine, is it possible that the UI is running on 60FPS instead of the 120 FPS? My other two monitors are 60FPS

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I chose the top switch since it was recommended, I think it was GRUB2.
But now Im not sure if I should use wayland at all, I heard the UI is supper responsive then, but there are compatibility problems.

I think @ricklinux is a great hardware troubleshooter. :innocent:

I mostly use laptops, so not sure about your desktop. I can see that Nvidia is installed and should work properly on xorg.

About the screens, does it work better if you use one or two screens with same refresh rates?

Edit: also found this interesting read (if you want to use Wayland)

I use Plasma + Wayland, but my system isn’t nearly as nice as yours. I’m running a Ryzen 5 3600 and GTX 1060 and it works well for me.
As far as changing, everything is dependant on your level of comfort. Since there are tons of packages for GTK (Gnome) and Qt (Plasma) that don’t overlap, you would definitely want to remove all of the other DE after the switch. It easiest to reinstall if you’re worried about system clutter and this is a relatively new install.