How do I cross sync between my Linux laptop and iPad?

I have always hated the walled garden of Apple. I’ve started using my brothers iPad. Have been doing lots of digital art with Procreate.

I’d like to export Inkscape work as PNG, sync with the iPad, continue working/coloring/painting there, save/export as PNG, and sync back to the laptop for vector work. I’d like for the sync to be seamless with little delay. Syncthing works well for this, but it’s not available for iPad.

My current setup uses Syncthing: laptop to Google Pixel. Works flawlessly. I use this for Obsidian and photos.

It looks like Möbius Sync is my best option. Has some bad reviews, and some okay ones. But as a long-time Linux & FOSS user, I prefer something I don’t have to pay for. :thinking:

I’ve head of KDE Connect, but as a bspwm user, I like to keep things as minimal as possible. I don’t have storage issues. Heck, I have almost 800GB remaining :laughing: , I just like/prefer minimalism. And something FOSS :+1:

Any suggestions?!

If KDE Connect works in iPad, use it. Despite the name, it is not bringing the whole KDE packages in, but some of them. It is used also in Gnome.

This doesn’t sound like syncing. For just specific files, I would use… email :person_shrugging: or a Note app, like Joplin, or Keep.

take look at ifuse .


can move file between by cable . no sure if still work :pray: it be over year or more i no use .

it did work best on gnome if remember . hope it help

EDit…still work

ipad basic large iphone :rofl: so i sure it work same

EDit>… ipad work

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Thanks, that’s kind of what i was worried about.

That’s what I started doing, but withing a few days I’m emailing myself dozens of files. I rather have something more “instant” with no or little delay and without manual work. Which is why I have relied on Syncthing for so many years.

Well, then KDE Connect probably won’t work for you either. It lets you send files to/from your devices. But no syncing is available afaik.

Maybe try this?

I’ve never used it though, so can’t vouch for it.

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That was my initial choice. $5 really aint a bad price - as long as it does what it advertises :thinking:

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Reading the post, i remembered BEEbeep.

It’s not realy a sync app but it easy in use, and can share data.
It works only on local network and find every beebeep accounts on the network.
No connection with the outside world.

edit : hmmm … not sure if this is only for macbook or also for ipad.

edit 2 : Reading a bit closer after my spontaneous reaction :stuck_out_tongue: not an app for the ipad.


You can try Warpinator. Also I use KDE Connect with iPad and Linux and it works, but KDE Connect must be always running on the iPad during transfer, you cannot switch apps until transfer ends.

Just FYI PNG is not vector graphics, you would need to use .SVG, .pdf or .eps.

You could use Nextcloud client if it’s available on ipad. It is on Android and has a GUI. Then have a server in your network to sync your files. Or else Dropbox if you want to go the non free out of the box software spyexperience. :male_detective:

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Yes, I am fully aware.

I export as PNG to then import into ProCreate (rastor app for iPad).