iTunes on Bottles

Hi,after installation on iTunes on Bottles doesn’t work do you have any ideas how to transfer music from my laptop to iPhone with this program on any different way because i don’t wont to install windows on another partition

have read this . (ifuse part )

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i point this out in another thread ( understand you no want sync. can transfer file this way tho )

" How do I cross sync between my Linux laptop and iPad? - #3 by Shjim "

You might want to install Wine instead… but not for only one application LOL. Bottles is a joke, never worked for me. It could be a GNOME thing only, that’s why.

Might want to search Internet for any clue that iTunes program was used successfully on Linux.

I don’t dare propose something else since I don’t know what you want to do with your music. There’s nothing that could be done with M4P files outside of iTunes, since they have ApCo’s copy protection.

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may be i wrong … my understand of OP. usr have music on laptop that want put on iphone .

so usr try bottles + itunes but no work. i no read any thing about mp4 or music be apple .

possible i wrong .

Edit> with correct adapter most iphone /ipad you can connect usb drive. or if ssd , hhd ( need be powered ) transfer into internal storage of iphone/ipad

EDit>2 . ifuse useful very for transfer + more :wink:

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Bottles is a joke! I agree. :laughing: