How can I test VR capabilities of my gpu in Linux?

Steam has a performance test,

but it s only for Windows machines. It errors out out when I try it with EOS. There is one small app in AUR called “VRRTest”, but I m not sure how apply the results to my system overall, and seems only to address variable refresh rate.

The Unigine Superposition Benchmark has a VR Ready Benchmark:

Thanks. I never used git before. How do I install that app?
Never mind. I got it going. It took me a bit to figure it out.
Think my system is OK for vr.

What is VR? :frog:

I know very little about it besides the fact that for me it s a significant investment as I am not a wealthy person, but I want my mother to experience vr. She is 85, and can barely walk, but I believe with vr I can give her a unique experience with apps like google world, and other s. That being said I m not buying the fact that you don t know what vr is. Reading throughout this forum I ve noticed you seem to have a plethora of opinions on variety subjects. Why would you not know about vr…unless you are just punking me.

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He clearly does.

I wish you luck with VR on Linux, from reading many posts on r/linux_gaming almost all of the posts there I’ve read said that Linux barely has any VR support and you will need to be 100% sure the headset you buy does have Linux support. Not to discourage you but just to give you a few examples.
I’ve seen posts where people had a decent working VR setup on Linux so hopefully you will find a working setup.

I don’t, I’m really not into Fakebook stuff. :frog:

What about Steam or HTC stuff though?

I had no idea Steam was in VR business, and I’ve never heard of HTC. And I’m not even joking here :rofl:

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This video was a year ago. Seems to work for him, but I get a build error when I try to install alvr. It also says on their github page that I need to use an older version that supports the Oculus. I did that, and seems to be running OK. I was also able to install Steam VR (through Steam), and use compatibility mode to get that working. So I just need to buy an Oculus now to see if it all works on EOS :crossed_fingers:

Did you see this?
*** : Linux support is still in beta. To be able to make audio work or run ALVR at all you may need advanced knowledge of your distro for debugging or building from source.

Yeah sure there are people who do VR gaming on Linux but it’s not like there is such good support for VR on Linux that you see a lot of people doing it.

Well then maybe you can think of it as the path less traveled. Sort of like Linux users? Besides I have all the support I need on this here forum :enos_flag:
It s all running fine. Just need the headset.

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It s not a facebook thing anymore. In fact it s a Linux thing now.

With support I meant what software and hardware is supported when it comes to VR on Linux, otherwise you would see more people doing VR gaming on Linux. Awesome that you go it working! I have done VR gaming in an Arcade I just think it sucks and it’s not my thing. But I hope you get to enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Also got the Steam VR Performance Test working on EOS :sunglasses:

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Our Arch based distro packages use a “Fakebook” compression algorithm.

Which is fully open-source and doesn’t require you to log into facebook to work, unlike their helmet :rofl:

If don’t like a company and anything related to them don’t use their soft.