How can I replace my server.conf OpenVPN file with a clean version?

I accidentally overwrote the data in my /etc/openvpn/server/server.conf file with rubbish, in an attempt to see where an error was in the file, that happened during import of VPN settings to my network manager.

Where can I find a clean version of the file, and how do I replace my old file with it?

Here’s the thread of how this situation happened, and the issue i was originally facing: Getting a "could not create new connection" error when importing VPN configuration

I realized that within nano in the terminal, the command to see the contents of a file isn’t “Write out” but “Read File”, thus why choosing the former just overwrote everything with random commands in nano =/

Thanks for helping, EOS is my first attempt at Linux and I’m learning!!

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There is an example file at /usr/share/openvpn/examples/server.conf.
That’s perhaps what you are looking for.


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I’m still getting an error, even when replacing the file with the contents in the sample file. Not sure if you would know what’s happening?

I downloaded VPN server settings to import to openvpn from my proton account. Then i tried to import the file / to the network manager as a new VPN settings import, as per proton’s instructions.

I get an error saying "The VPN plugin failed to import the VPN connection correctly: configuration error: unterminated single quote at position 20 (line 79).

Line 79 of the server.conf file now is the line item:
cert server.crt

There are no quotes on that line, unless it’s talking about line item 79 in the zip file? There arent anything but server files in the zip though, and no quotations.

I am not sure what might be wrong!

I set up the VPN connection through NetworkManager.