How can I get the boot output text resolution as high as when I am booting from the EndeavourOS ISO?

So I finally found a solution to my problem:


  1. Add video=efifb:list to /etc/kernel/cmdline
  2. Run sudo reinstall-kernels
  3. Reboot
  4. You will see something like this when booting
  5. Take note of the mode number matching your desired resolution
  6. Edit /etc/kernel/cmdline again and replace video=efifb:list with e.g.: video=efifb:mode=0
  7. Run sudo reinstall-kernels again
  8. Reboot

Now the resolution of my the boot output text is finally in 1440p:

Thanks for the help:
@BluishHumility @petsam @LamnaNasus @dalto

Finding this comment helped me.

EDIT: Well turns out that this here is a simpler solution for me: Stuck with bootresolution being too low - #11 by Melways

Setting the right value for console-mode in esp/loader/loader.conf… in my case systemd-boot was also using a very low resolution and although I used consolde-mode max in the past it did not have the desired effect. In my case the right setting is console-mode 0 and I found it by pressing r in the systemd-boot menu. This made me get rid of video=efifb:mode=0 again.