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I notice some very subtle changes in colours and images on the homepage and wanted to say it’s a step in the right direction. Of everything I love about EOS, I have never been particularly a big fan of the websites’ aesthetics. The forum is awesome and just fine for looks, but the homepage not so much lol. Hopefully these minor changes continue overtime, and the website looks sharper and sharper.



I just merged the ARM and the X86_64 websites and put the download Mirror list on the front page, without a lot of explanation what the release is about upfront. The download option is the main feature people are interested in and not what the distro is about. If people are interested in the release notes, they can click on the news article.

I also looked at our neighbours, not the big players because they have numerous servers all around the world, and I don’t think our website isn’t doing that bad in comparison to them.

Originally, I wanted to make the entire website in our dark mode, but I wanted the download area to pop, so it catches the eye and with dark mode it blends more in. I still don’t have the perfect solution for a one download button that tackles the many geographical and political internet blockages out there. I guess that’s why Arch also works with local mirror links.

@Kundalini if you have ideas, please shine your light on it, because we are looking for someone to help out and stick around for a while, especially me.
The offers I recently received had great plans but when push came to shovel, their emailadress suddenly went out of business, or something.


Can’t single magnet link solve it? :thinking:
Torrent is not blocked anywhere as a protocol and if it’s shared by enough people it will be always close to someone’s location.

P.S. And if :enos: site is blocked somewhere - one should use Tor to obtain the link.

I am more talking about certain servers being blocked due to political reasons. In our very first year, we had two download buttons, GitHub and SourceForge. (Simply because we didn’t have any mirror servers)
We received a lot of complaints the ISO wasn’t available for a lot of people, due to political or local infrastructural reasons.

When Alpix and the other mirrors came in the mix, the complaints remained when I very briefly had Alpix under our main download button. This is why I eventually went the Arch-way of having local mirror links on the website.

Yeah i know what you mean, but why even have servers when you can have decentralized single download magnet button?

No trouble with servers anymore then :man_shrugging:

But doesn’t that mean in that case we only provide Torrent downloads with that?

Yes! :upside_down_face:

As long as one can obtain magnet link (it’s only a hash string):

  • It won’t be censorable
  • It will be decentralized
  • Geographical reach / speed will only be determined by how many people are seeding and at what regions

Or you afraid that not everyone know how to use torrent clients?

I’m more concerned about this:

There is no specific number of seeds needed for a torrent to have great download speed. The download speed of a torrent depends on various factors, including the upload speed of the seeds, the number of peers, and the size of the file being downloaded. Having more seeds can potentially increase the download speed, but it ultimately depends on the upload speed of those seeds. Additionally, the quality of the seeds and their connection speed can also affect the download speed. The proper torrenting practice requires you to seed your files until the upload to download ratio is at least 1.00.

Well…At least that’s something you can test out. I think 10-20 regular people seeding with decent speed should be more than enough for anyone in the world to have fast downloading speed, even if they won’t seed after downloading…which they should to be a good citizen and help the others! :upside_down_face:

P.S. You have torrent links even now btw, seems to work just fine - it’s just a waste to spread them in different links in my view, instead of one that’s seeded by everyone :upside_down_face:

I think I should create a poll about what the preferred download method is among users, that is the picture we don’t have over here. :wink:

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One that is available and not censored in given country, i assume :joy:

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Reaching the website and the forum isn’t a big issue, downloading the ISO and repo is apparently.

Indeed… i got feedback about torrent all the time after releases from users in restricted areas seems the best way to got decent speeds also.

I general torrent button would be a good thing … the torrent file is only a textfile in the end nothing like the ISO… we could remove them from the Mirrors and have one button instead i think this is a brilliant idea!

A Magnet link could serve this.

And a link can be shared easily

it is only something like this:


Arch also have them:

We could have both one magnet link and the list of mirrors, right?
Then all would be happy it seems… :wink:

yes the ISO links should stay but we can have the torrent files removed from the list (less is more) and recommend to use the torrent link so that more users go to use the torrent…

I could live with that. :smile:

While it’s certainly better than current scheme with a lot of duplicates for magnets…

I’d say going full magnet only would be better solution pragmatically:

  • Less is more

  • No need to maintain multiple servers and whole infrastructure (which i assume takes some time and dev work)

  • No need to check status or sync for many of those servers

  • You’ll have only one single possible point of failure, instead of multiple

Assuming i don’t miss some important point of having multiple server mirrors

Just thinking… when a new ISO is released, and the first people are starting to download it, isn’t the torrent rather slow in the first moments after the release? I don’t really use torrents, so my knowledge is limited about it.

It depends, to my knowledge / experience not at all if:

  • There are enough initial seeds
  • They have decent connection / upload speed

So, let’s say when new iso is released we have 10 people (server torrent boxes?) in :enos: team who are seeding 24/7 - then speed will be top notch from the start, but we still should encourage people to seed after downloading iso, coz more people are seeding - the better speed everyone will get.

Usually first moment low speed problems arise when there’s 1 initial seed, with not so nice speed, once seed count grows exponentially - speed and availability grows as well.

Because basically what torrent does:

  • Breaks download to very small chunks which are in turn distributed between seeds
  • Then whoever (peer) starts the download - client very quickly ranks and download in parallel all those small chunks from different seeds (usually ranking by availability and speed of seed connection)

Thanks for the explanation.

Another question is about security of torrents. Wikipedia says about bittorrent that the downloadable material may contain malware. So if a malicious user seeds it, does torrent have means to somehow prevent it?

Edit: even this is a bit offtopic, I’m interested in hearing views…

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