Hola, bonjour, guten Tag, salve, 您好, السلام عليكم, こんにちは, 안녕하세요, olá, नमस्ते, здравствуйте, merhaba, xin chào, سَلام, dzień dobry!


Going to introduce myself since I have been active on this forum a lot more. Unfortunately, temporary only – I am currently sick in bed and bored out of my wits. But I will follow the forum more closely since I expect my times with Ubuntu to come to an end with the switchover to 24.04LTS.

I had first contact with a Unix on the Macintosh SE/30 running NetBSD. I admit, at that time, the charm of the command line was lost on me. Later on, I started to dabble with Linux when the kernel 2.0.36 was new, and you could buy Linux CDs from SuSE. After some on-and-off experience, I switched to Debian, and when Ubuntu came out, I started with it. Complete switchover was years later when Debian lost me with their silly strictness in the Iceweasel/Firefox controversy.

I have occasionally tested different distributions in between – Gentoo, countless things lost in time, and also Arch. What kept me from Arch was the snooty attitude in their support forums, and I want stability for my servers as well. Rolling distribution is fine for Desktops, but for servers, you don’t want to have the risk of breakage with constant changes.

Still, this was only ‘part-time’. Main OS for the job was Apple or Microsoft. But since 10 years, I am using Linux full-time, with (very) occasional boots to Windows only.

Lately, I am double-booting EnOS with Ubuntu because there are current apps which I want to use. ImageMagick 7, for example. Gavin Howard’s bc. A couple more are here.

All of this is automatic under EnOS. And Ubuntu’s roadmap does look very unappealing now. I don’t want to have everything boxed in and immutable. I could have stayed with Apple if I want this.

Guess I am going to stick around here for a while and try to switch over to EnOS as my main in 2024. At least, that’s the plan for now.



Tervetuloa! :smile:

Hope you’ll enjoy your endeavour here!

Hey mate how ya?
Hope you get well soon

Thanks, I am already almost recovered. Flu or crypto-corona (all the symptoms but negative tests). Zonked me out for over a week, but that’s now behind me. Hopefully.


> 4 Jan 2022: joined the forum.
> 21 Oct 2023: “allow me to introduce myself”

Well, then… Hi! :frog:

Guten Tag und herzlich Willkommen :enos:

Have fun, be friendly and enjoy the Forum! :handshake:

When I go into the pub, I won’t greet the guys there until I become somewhat of a regular…


Servus @emk2203 and welcome to the :enos:-Forum :rocketa_purple: :enos_flag:

Salut! :wave:
Tension pour pas te peter lé gnous su l’le cutter en sortant du litte :smiley:
(pay attention not to bang your knees on the steel bars when coming out of bed :wink: )

Welkom. I hope you get better soon.

Welcome, looks like you have a lifetime of operating systems behind you, but perhaps, the best is yet to come… I like to think the early 90’s was the golden era, when everything was new and we were all learning what to make of it all…