History repeats itself, unaware

Funny, this… I am seeing (all over the net, not only here) people unhappy with the changes in Gnome 4.

The most fun bit are the die hard Gnome 3.x people (not from here!) who has been raging and insulting to Mate / Cinnamon users for YEARS and now, seemingly not getting the irony, are raging at the Devs for “ignoring them” and “Changing the look and feel”.

I have come across a number of these kind of responses the last month or so and I find it hilarious. Especially those, as I stated above, that in one breath say the Gnome Team has a vision and the workflow is superior and Mate and Cinnamon users are just slaves to the dated Windows interface etc etc and then often the same day posts about hating the new UI changes and how the devs “need to stop innovating for the sake of innovation”.

Btw, yes, I will try Gnome 4 at some point, but it still seem to lack most features I require in a DE. Also am I the only one who keeps getting Deepin flashbacks from the new activities window?


Prosparety get its backfire :slight_smile:

dont think it change to much but it is what it is…

cinnamon is clearly made for mint but usable for other distro’s also. People don’t like te change to much

from windows to linux is the change big and with cinnamon is a good place to learn…linux generally reinvent itself and the phone ui is general accepted thats the market you play in too.

i think personal a nooob would buy a android pc at the end if the price is right and support.

Wait, so gnome 4 brings that drastic a change that gnome3 lovers hate it?

Definitely time for me to give gnome a try :slight_smile:


Not at all as drastic as Gnome 2 - 3 but I just find it interesting that the same people suddenly is o the other side of the fence.

Hah suddenly there are two fences :slight_smile:

Gnome 40 :sunglasses:

Gnome is a just a full screen menu, but without a desktop to work on. Reminds me of Windows 8. Gnome has one hotcorner called activities, which skippy-xd can do without even a hotcorner. If I am to keep on looking for extensions to get some features in, and not knowing what the next update would do to them, its better to use XFCE or Openbox and adjust the DE/WM to your needs, which would stay that way for years.

The full screen menu created in 2011 still works. Mouse wheel on panels (xfce4, tint2 etc) still works changing virtual work spaces. Like you, I’ll look into the Gnome 40, when it comes for curiosity’s sake.


Gnome 40.00

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It’s not like GNOME 2 vs GNOME 3: they’re changing only type of version names. Normally it should be 3.40 (currently we’re at 3.38) and that’s all. There are no any “ultra major” changes to DE itself but because of naming change it can be little confusing. And it is: I can see many people talking about “GNOME 4” or things like that but this is misunderstanding.

New GNOME versioning scheme

I know. There are still people (some even on this forum) that want a fork of Gnome 3 to avoid the changes.

Also, it is CALLED Gnome 40.
It’s not a “misunderstanding”.

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Yep. It’s GNOME 40, not GNOME 4 :slight_smile:

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I could never bring myself to use a desktop environment called ‘gnome’. Is that ‘garden gnome’ or a ‘run-of-the-mill gnome’?


Each new release of GNOME has fewer features, but larger requirements for system resources. :rofl:


BTW did I say a don’t use Gnome for the same reason. Never been a Gnome fan. Love Cinnamon and Mate though! I just don’t want to go down the Gnome garden path! :smile:


I wish I could get Xfce’s basic design with Cinnamon’s features and compositor. Not a fan of Cinnamon’s enormous wasted space in dialogue windows etc.

Wondering whether those “people” have tried it yet and are aware that the more stable version is due for release on Wednesday if I am not mistaken.

I am excited to try it out, I generally think gnome looks nice and is very snappy, difficult to break unless I use extensions, I just use dash to dock.

I am using i3wm (mainly) dual session with gnome. Decided to switch away from kde, after a while I always get something glitchy on kde like panel freeze or others. It seems that most of the linux DE once they get tweaked too much start to become problematic for me except i3wm which remains rock stable.

Edit: this seems more of a lounge topic (opiniated), perhaps could be moved there.

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I would say that Gnome 40 is even less functional for me than prior versions of Gnome from what little I have subjected myself to it. Not that I thought it was possible to be WORSE of a fit for my workflow preference than Gnome was already. But congrats to the dev’s, they found a way to do it!!

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While this is quite funny, I am not really sure it fair. Both gnome and kde have done a good job lowering system resource requirements.

Looking at it from the opposite perspective, if gnome wasn’t a good fit for your workflow then you probably aren’t the target audience for the changes.

The gnome philosophy seems to be that they have a specific vision for how someone should interact with it. It feels increasingly like themes/extensions/customizations are more tolerated than encouraged.


Gnome by far the most polished DE experience on Linux, it is almost at a professional level (and i don’t mean this as an insult but rather an aknowledgment that all Linux DE’s are janky to some degree; something to be honest about and is expected with huge open source projects with few contributors (Even the Gnome team is very small compared to Android, Windows or iOS).
But more importantly isn’t for everyone, unfortunately it is the DE that is featured on about 80% of major distributions which quite frankly makes switching from Windows even harder.

The fact that the attitude of several devs and contributors of Gnome outright seem to want to gatekeep the experience (by being outright insulting to people having issues with the default workflow or the extremely minimalist approach to UI) while at the same time Gnome is the main desktop for all the major distributions except Mint doesn’t make it better.

But again, Gnome truly isn’t for everyone and as much as I dislike many of the devs’ attitudes users have just as bad attitude back. Insulting the devs, or coming up with conspiracy theories how Redhat and the Gnome team tries to turn people towards windows by making Linux too bad to work with (yes, it is a conspiracy theory I have seen floating around more than once).

My advice to everyone is try it. Try it vanilla. And learn the workflow. If you can’t stand it long enough to learn the workflow then obviously it’s not for you, pick another DE. If you can handle the workflow and still don’t like it? Same deal. Give it a chance, it is polished enough to deserve that, by far.



GNOME is anything but minimalist. If you want minimalism, try dwm.

That simply means someone got paid to do it. It tells you nothing of quality. Amateurs (which simply means people who do the work out of love, Lat. amare) can often produce works of superior craftsmanship, they just don’t know how to sell it (or don’t care). Windoze has professional design. It’s butt ugly, and I can barely believe someone actually got paid to make that mess.